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XNUMX Sep XNUMX Konnekt releases Videotelefon med Tysk brugergrænseflade

German-speaking Australians, as well as German speakers in countries such as Germany, Austria and Switzerland, are now able to use Videophone in their preferred language.

Following a customer request, Konnekt software engineers teamed with translators to successfully develop a German-language variant of the user interface. The Videophone can now be configured so that all button text, user prompts and messages are presented in German.

An Australian customer asked if we could help his elderly mother in Germany. Her first language is German. She needed a way to speak to her sons, face-to-face, from within her own home. Thanks to Videophone’s flexible software architecture, we were able to accommodate the request quickly. — Karl Grimm, CEO Konnekt Pty Ltd.

The Videophone is already available in many other languages, such as Simplified Chinese (Mandarin). In addition to being able to customize the user interface, each individual Call Button can be labelled with text in any language or character set. This allows, for example, a user in Switzerland to have XNUMX Call Buttons labelled in English, XNUMX Call Buttons in French and XNUMX in German — complete with cédillesumlauts og scharfes S!

We are receiving requests now from older adults in Australia, the UK and North America whose first language is not English, as well as from customers in non-English-speaking nations across the globe. Once we make a new language available, we can configure a new Videophone for a customer in that language in a matter of minutes… and if the customer wishes to change the language, we can do that very quickly, without the need to visit. — John Nakulski,  Marketing Director Konnekt Pty Ltd.

To find out whether Videophone is already available in your preferred language or to learn more, simply kontakt Konnekt.

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