The Konnekt Dementia Phone

Caring for a parent with dementia is frustrating. Help them slow the decline, live more independently, and make the most of their precious time with you. We have worked to solve the biggest challenge you face when supporting a loved one with Dementia

Marlene uses Videophone to call Konnekt

Technology designed for seniors

The Konnekt Seniors Phone is a registered Assistive Technology, classed as a Communication Aid. It’s recognized as a powerful social tool for helping older adults connect to community, to regain control of their lives, and to remain living independently for longer. Safety is increased too: Videophone blocks scammers, telemarketers and other unknown callers. It also lets trusted, nominated family members and carers check in visually when there’s no answer or in an emergency. These premium features are not available on Skype or devices like smarphones and tablets.

Available in English and German (printable PDF) or 49 languages (online).

Features to help seniors

  • Loud and hi-fidelity sound from two large, in-built speakers. Much louder than tablets or laptops.
  • Large 15-inch (38 cm) screen, easy to see from anywhere in the room.
  • Huge one-touch call buttons. Incredibly simple.
  • Auto-answer option for trusted carers. Reduce their worry when you can’t answer.
  • Friends and relatives can show photos from their computers to your Videophone while you communicate. You do NOTHING! Just sit back and enjoy. We provide a simplified Skype user-interface.
  • Blocks unknown callers. No telemarketers or fraudsters!

As seen in medical journals and news articles

Winner, Best Consumer-Friendly Product in Aged Care

Konnekt Videophone was selected as the best choice for seniors living at home, independently or in a care home, by a panel of industry experts at the industry’s premier event for new aged-care technologies.

Our Videophone featured in Over 50’s Guide

A national guide distributed by medical clinics, pharmacies and others. This article featured the story of our customer Graham whose wife had passed away recently. He was moved into a nursing home feeling lonely and sinking into depression. Videophone changed his life.

Social isolation and Depression risk

Social isolation is bad for your mental health, and regular face-to-face social interactions are likely a great way to help prevent depression  —  Dr Alan Teo, Prof OHSU

Increased Cognitive Function

Increased social interaction via daily face-to-face calls for 6 weeks were recently shown in an OHSU study to be a promising intervention for improving cognitive function.

From Australia to Canada, the Konnekt video phone is keeping loved ones engaged and inspired, from homes to large residential developments, including

Cheryl and Judy face-to-face

Videophone helps save a life

Konnekt video phone assisted me to visualize my Mum, I am pretty certain my Mum would have died a very horrible death in her unit within 24-48 hours — Cheryl Kolff, daughter, Australia

Cheryl was overseas in the USA. Her mother Judy was suffering from a life-threatening bowel obstruction, but dementia prevented her from verbalizing her pain. Konnekt Videophone with auto-answer allowed Cheryl to see how unwell her Mum was, comfort her, and talk face-to-face with paramedics.

Sandy's Mom prompted to drink water to avoid dehydration

Dehydration kills

Now, Sandy can monitor and encourage her mom to drink water.

Mom’s dementia limits her comprehension. She can’t pick up a phone or push a button without someone telling her to do so. Konnekt has solved that problem with it’s auto-answer capability for selected contacts. Now, her face just lights up when she gets a call. Best of all, adequate water consumption is no longer a huge challenge. — Sandy Flohrs, daughter, MN USA

Already seeing improvements

I am delighted with your innovative product and very grateful for the improvements that I am already seeing in Norma (she has significant cognitive decline). — Amanda Hill, daughter, Malaysia

Chloe talking on Konnekt Videophone

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