Videophone Preferences

Wayar bidiyo Da zaɓin

Almost everything about Videophone can be personalized to suit your individual needs: The number of contact buttons and their layout, your contacts’ names and numbers, whether to avoid voicemail, auto-answer options, language, colours, text size and more. These Videophone preferences are altered by Konnekt without the need for us to visit – just Tuntube Mu, or hit the Konnekt Call button, and tell us what you need.

Konnekt Videophone - Personalisation

Konnekt is the world’s most customisable Videophone  

Recommendations For Personalising Your Video phone

The number and size of Call buttons is adjustable to suit your needs and eyesight capabilities.

If your eyesight is failing, you have an unsteady hand, or you just want to be able to use your Videophone without wearing glasses, ask for larger buttons with larger text size. Use short names for your Call Buttons, start with fewer buttons, and arrange them in just 2-5 rows.

Some users have Call buttons just for immediate family. Some have a button for each friend and colleague, virtually replacing the need to call from their regular telephone. Others like to have buttons for services, such as medical, cleaner, gardener, taxi, and even pizza delivery.

Buttons can be arranged in groups (family; friends; services; overseas) or alphabetically. Blanks or empty rows can help.

Call Button operation

Each Call Button can either:

  • Call face-to-face on Skype, using a Kiran bidiyo na Skype, to practically any mobile phone, tablet or computer
  • Call a landline phone number, or a mobile number (depending on your subscription), as a regular phone call
  • Both: Call on Skype first and if there’s no answer, call a backup number
  • Multiple: Try calling har zuwa 5 mutane in sequence, with any mix of Skype Names and phone numbers — useful for an Assist button or Family button

Videophone 30-day gwaji are generally limited to Skype calls only and 4 Call buttons.

For purchases, and for Taken Bidiyon trials and purchases, you can have 40 buttons!

Konnekt Videophone for seniors - 2x4 Call Buttons

Samu Farashi