Videophone Visits

Visit safely, without masks

Visit your loved one without the travel, without infection risk.

Gran talking to daughter via Videophone

Call the Care Home for a Videophone visit

Your loved one will enjoy seeing you on a Konnekt Videophone. It’s big, loud, and incredibly easy to use.

Privacy: Because it’s bullet-proof reliable and simple, staff don’t need to stay during your call.

How to visit

Download Skype

Step 1: Get Skype

On your mobile, tablet or computer:

  • Search for Skype in the app store, or go to Download the app. Create a free account.

On a Mac or Windows 10 PC, you can also use Skype in the Chrome or Edge browser without any app:

Skype Search

Step 2: Start a video call

In Skype search, enter the Videophone phone number (it's on a sticker on its front) and tap the result (typically the organization's name).

Or even easier: Tap here to open Skype, then tap the Join button.

Video Camera Icon

Then in Skype, tap the video camera at top right.

Tap to answer call

Step 3: They answer

Your loved one (or staff) will press the huge, 6-inch wide ANSWER button.

If your loved one is bed-ridden, a big wireless push-button can be used to answer.

In a face-to-face call

Talk, face-to-face!

Videophone is beautifully simple. No logins, menus or settings to go wrong.

When you’re done, either of you can end the call.

iPad / tablet / mobile
Regular Phone Call to Videophone

How to call from any phone, without video

Just dial Videophone on its phone number. It's written on a sticker on the front.

Or click here to call.

Frequently Asked Questions