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Seniors Internet

Konnekt can recommend and help you with the best Seniors Internet deals available in your country. When you contact Konnekt, you’ll find our service and support to be professional and courteous. Our phone manner is the best, and we will help find you either a long-term plan or a month-by-month offer with no more Internet than you need.

Reliability is everything. Who wants to have to restart their modem every second week? Konnekt has many years of networking experience. We can recommend the most reliable Internet devices — especially 4G Wi-Fi Internet modem-routers and Wi-Fi extenders for the home. Devices that simply work, 24×7.

Older adults find it a pleasure talking to Konnekt because we take the time to understand your Internet needs, translate those needs into Internet speed and monthly data requirements, and help find you the best choices that won’t lock you into a long-term contract. And if you need Internet for a room in a nursing home (also known as residential aged care facility or Care Home), we know what works and what doesn’t work. We can speak to the Care Home on your behalf, enquire about Internet availability for residents, and determine whether there are any special login or connection requirements that require our assistance.

Seniors Internet and Videophone - available from Konnekt

Many elderly Australians experience either social isolation, loneliness or some form of problem — such as poor hearing or vision, shaky hands, slow movement (making it hard to reach the phone in time), bad memory, or difficulties using fiddly telephones with small buttons and tiny text.

Konnekt has the answer!

Konnekt can help you connect your iPad/tablet, mobile or computer devices via Wi-Fi, and use Skype or other video-calling apps to talk face-to-face with family.

For those frustrated with fiddly tablets or struggling with complex computers, Konnekt offers the world’s simplest video phone, designed specifically for seniors. It has BIG buttons, it’s SUPER loud, and even lets you talk face-to-face with your relatives and friends — all without any bill shocks.

The Konnekt Videophone, coupled with a reliable Seniors Internet service, helps sons and daughters be better carers. Face-to-face contact reduces social isolation and halves the risk of depression. The one-touch user interface is extremely simple, helping restore independence. Auto-answer lets trusted family, that you nominate, have their calls automatically answered — with full two-way video and sound — letting you check in, in the event of an emergency or when there is no answer.

Pensioners:  A MyAgedCare Home Care Package (HCP) may be able to fund Konnekt Videophone and Seniors Internet for you. Contact Us for our government-funding fact sheet.

Seniors Internet What to Look For

  • Local support
  • Courteous, professional phone manner
  • Lower contention ratios, faster in peak times
  • Fast uplink speed for smooth face-to-face calls
  • Modern, ultra-reliable Wi-Fi modem-router, tried and tested by Konnekt
  • Ask us about our seniors Videophone bundles

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