How It Works

How It Works

Konnekt provides a full service, including Videophone setup and any subsequent changes, so that you don’t have to worry about the technicalities.


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Konnekt Video Phone

The Konnekt Videophone offers a face-to-face communication experience with family and friends using the simplest interface: ONE-TOUCH TO DIAL. It is designed for users who prefer simplicity, requiring NO COMPUTER SKILLS. The device eliminates the complexity of menus, passwords, and additional options.

With just a tap of a finger, a pointer, or nearly any object on the large 15-inch screen, users can initiate a call via Skype. Incoming calls are just as straightforward, with the feature to automatically answer calls from authorized contacts, enhancing accessibility and ease of use for everyone.

The Konnekt Captioning Videophone is specifically designed to enhance communication for the hard of hearing.
It integrates real-time captioning functionality, ensuring that every word spoken during a call is converted into text and displayed on its large 15-inch screen. This feature is crucial for those who rely on reading lips or require visual assistance to complement auditory inputs, making conversations easier to follow and understand.

Ideal for individuals with different hearing conditions, the Konnekt Captioning Videophone bridges communication gaps, allowing users to engage more fully with family, friends, and caregivers.

The Videophone is purpose built for video calling. It can be left on permanently, and contains a genuine Intel CPU and other carefully selected components, to ensure reliability and video call performance.

The Videophone is ideal for those who struggle to use the telephone, or who are unable to use modern technology for any reason: poor eyesight or hearing, wobbly hand movements, immobility, or cognitive issues such as dementia. The Videophone enables our customers to take part in the digital communication age, without needing to understand fiddly, complicated devices. It helps them remain at home that little bit longer, or eases the transition into Residential Care. It helps retain independence, reduces social isolation and increases visual contact with loved ones.

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Explore Videophone Features

Explore Captioning Videophone Features

All the advantages of the Konnekt Videophone, plus on-screen captions in text that can be up to 7 cm (2.5 in) tall, and the ability to adjust ringing and volume for maximum audibility. Read more about Captioning Videophone.

How does it help?

Konnekt Videophone is incredibly simple to use, designed for someone who may struggle with a tablet or even a phone. It caters for those in their golden years or with additional needs, who need a phone that’s large, loud, doesn’t permit unwanted callers, and doesn’t require any management whatsoever. Sons and daughters particularly love the automatic answer for trusted callers. See Seniors applications.

Konnekt Captioning Videophone is designed specifically for people of all ages who are deaf or hard-of-hearing. It makes and receives phone calls (so you can talk to businesses, services and friends), and it also makes and receives video calls (for reading lips and faces) — all with captions, in your choice of over 40 languages. Learn more about Captioning Videophone.