Konnekt is committed to the 3 Principles of Sustainability.

To be considered sustainable, a business must:

  1. Conserve natural resources;
  2. Support a healthy community and workforce;
  3. Remain financially viable for the long-term.

Pillar 1: Environmental sustainability

Conserve natural resources

  • Konnekt donates hundreds of keyboards and mice to local schools, and unused brackets to an airport museum.
  • Konnekt correctly disposes of unusable parts at the Seaford recycling facility.
  • Konnekt has a virtual phone system and encourages the team at Konnekt to work from home, to minimize transport.
Videophone screensaver blank screen
  • Konnekt donates old Videophones to Beyond Disability Inc (BDI), for conversion into Windows PCs to give to Afghani and other refugees.
  • Konnekt handles 98% of installations, additions/changes and support remotely, without anyone needing to visit.
  • Konnekt uses and reuses cardboard packaging from its hardware vendor, rather than creating branded packaging.
  • Konnekt minimizes paper usage by encouraging use of our online forms, PDF product flyers, web-based self-help articles, and our downloadable Dementia Guide eBook.

Pillar 2: Social sustainability

Support a healthy community and workforce

  • Konnekt aids Digital Inclusion by enabling customers to get online safely and use technology confidently to improve their day-to-day lives.
  • Konnekt employs and trains interns from local Universities, enabling students to gain experience and skills to enter the workforce.
  • Konnekt employs via Transition to Work and Disability Employment Services programs in partnership with CVGT Employment.
Happy Grandparents with Grandchild
  • Konnekt’s products help maintain the independence and social participation of the elderly, as well as people with hearing, vision, cognitive, dexterity or mobility needs.
  • Konnekt contributes to standards such as the Tele-Audiology Guidelines and IEEE Ethical Design.
  • Konnekt has sales and support people and partners that are local to the regions that they serve.

Pillar 3: Economic sustainability

Remain financially viable for the long-term

Seniors Internet and Videophone - available from Konnekt
  • Konnekt partners with social organizations, such as Hilfswerk in Europe, to tap into local support.
  • Konnekt partners with industry associations, such as the ACT Deafness Resource Centre, to help educate and offer the Videophone and Captioning Videophone into communities.
  • Konnekt values its close business relationships with major corporate partners, including Microsoft Skype and Telstra. This enables Konnekt to leverage and build upon industry-leading video-calling platforms, apps, and telecommunication services.