Phone for COVID Lockdown

How to mitigate

COVID Lockdown

Will you commit to protecting your loved ones, clients or residents?

The Konnekt Videophone is a vital component to block COVID-19 and avoid mental health collapse

  • Replace risky family visits with 100% safe video calling
  • Prevent virus transmission from cordless and mobile phones, iPads and portable tablets
  • Reduce social isolation and halve* depression risk via increased face-to-face social engagement [*Teo 2019]

Face masks are scary: They hide facial expressions, make friends and carers unrecognizable, and prevent lip-reading.

Konnekt Videophone - How it has helped during COVID-19

Incredibly easy video phone

  • Designed for over-80s, cognitive impairment or dementia
  • Gives back independence, raises self-esteem
  • Nothing to learn, nothing to get wrong
Sleep deprived older man

Protect the most vulnerable

  • Options for limited mobility / dexterity, poor hearing, low vision, severe dementia
  • Used in leading Care Homes, Memory Care, Assisted Living, Independent Living and in the home
  • Prescribed or recommended by Occupational Therapists, allied health and home-care professionals

Hands-free operation

  • Nothing to pick up, nothing to hold against the mouth
  • Care facility staff: No more running around with shared cordless phones and disinfectants

Safest touchscreen

  • No skin contact required (unlike 100% of mobile phones, iPads and tablets)
  • Push-sensitive touchscreen allows use of any object to press buttons
Call auto-answer by Konnekt large simple video phone

Auto-answer trusted contacts

  • Zero-touch answer for trusted contacts that you nominate
  • Rings first for 30 seconds to allow user or staff to decline call
  • Other friends/relatives require manual answer
  • Unknown callers optionally blocked to prevent telemarketers / scams

See family, carers, specialists

  • See grandchildren often, without risk
  • Telehealth: Medical practitioners, allied health
  • One-way or two-way video calls from staff
  • Inbound call only (no call button) available for carers who value their private lives
A lady is making a regular phone call

Regular phone calls, too

  • One touch calls doctor, nurse, health line or help
  • Call older relatives who have no Smartphone
  • Delivered with personalized buttons
  • Use instead of Skype or as a backup

What are your loved ones, clients or residents worth?

Coronavirus Death Rate by Age

In Italy, the fatality rate from Coronavirus was 7%

You, personally, are likely to survive. Those over 80 are extremely vulnerable.

Patients over 80 have a 15% chance of dying.

Will you be a leader? Or will you, your family, or your organization, roll the dice and hope?

Are you adhering to Health Authority Guidance?

Don’t be accused of negligence. For infection control:

CDC already recommends the use of alternative mechanisms for patient and visitor interactions such as video-call applications.

  • Many Homes were ahead of the March 10 advice and have already implemented visitor restrictions.
  • Caring families have taken action and installed a videophone to help prevent disease spread and mental health decline.
Visual Signs of Health

Visual signs of wellness

  • Carers, family: Check for signs of stress and illness
  • Nurses understand the visual indicators of health and hygiene
  • Lack of attention to grooming and personal care are warning signs for declining mental health

How will you keep an eye on your loved one, if you cannot visit weekly?

Act Now

We make it easy for you

Konnekt delivers Videophone preconfigured: Unbox it, unfold the kickstand, plug it into power.

We can even pre-configure it to your Wi-Fi network.

Konnekt can make all additions and changes — remotely — at your request, without anyone needing to visit.

Read what families, nurses, medical researchers and care facilities are saying about Videophone.

Learn why aged care facilities prefer Konnekt Videophone.

Available worldwide

Konnekt has sales/support partners across Australia / Asia, Europe, United Kingdom, North America, New Zealand and Africa.

Contact us or get pricing. Peace of mind… for less than the cost of an iPad.