Captioning Videophone FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

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Calling Plan options

Konnekt Captioning Videophone

Can I call Skype contacts?


  • You can call the mobile phones, tablets and computers of all your local and overseas Contacts that have the Skype app
  • In some countries, the use of Skype may be blocked or requires a VPN service

Preferences and Contacts

Konnekt desk or table mount video phone

How is it mounted?

  • Sit it on its kickstand. We supply a small adhesive clamp to stick it down.
  • Use a suitable monitor stand for greater security. Ask for our recommendation.
  • Wall-mount it using any VESA-100 monitor bracket. See Videophone accessories.

Connection and Activation

Answering a phone call on the Konnekt Captioning Phone

How to make a call

  1. One touch: Press a Call button, or press Phone to enter a number
  2. Wait: The other person can answer on Skype or on their phone
  3. Watch: If they answer on Skype, you can read lips too
  4. Listen: You can also hear them (loudly)
  5. Read: Captions start automatically
  6. Finish: Either of you can end the call

Outbound Calls

Keypad Dialler

Dial phone numbers easily using the on-screen Keypad Dialler

  • Huge on-screen buttons: Easy to press
  • See entered digits: Avoid/correct errors
  • Send DTMF* tones during calls: “Press 1 for…”

Inbound Calls

How to receive a call

  1. They call you: The other person either calls your number, or calls you on Skype
  2. Name: Their number is shown, or name if it’s a Contact
  3. It rings loudly, and the whole screen flashes
  4. One touch: Press ANSWER – or nominated callers can be answered automatically (optional)
  5. Watch: If they use Skype, see their face and read lips
  6. Listen: You can also hear them (loudly)
  7. Read: Captions start automatically
  8. Finish: Either of you can end the call


Videophone with captioning

How does captioning work?

The Konnekt Captioning Videophone uses context-sensitive captioning driven by artificial intelligence.

External Devices and Accessories

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