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Phone for Seniors

The Konnekt Senior’s Videophone is ideal for the elderly and is designed to give older adults a better quality of life. See your family and friends as often as you like, without having to travel. Live independently but still be part of the family by talking to your relatives not only on special occasions but any time you cannot be there in person. Watch your grandkids grow. Talk face-to-face to loved ones and bring a smile to those too far away to visit. Be with them “virtually”, from the comfort of your own home.

The Konnekt Senior’s Phone is incredibly EASY to use, with one-touch calling. It’s LOUD, with large call buttons displaying contact names and a big 15-inch or optional 20-inch screen. There are no numbers to remember, or computer skills required, whatsoever. No need for keypads, logins, or passwords and nothing to switch on, charge up or hold onto. It’s just ON, like your phone – and MUCH simpler to use.

Older couple needs a simple seniors phone for the elderly

Your kids, grandkids and friends probably already have a mobile phone, an iPad or a computer. They can use any of those devices to talk to you on your Videophone, face-to-face, using the free Skype app. You will instantly see their name in BIG letters and the ONE-TOUCH ANSWER button enables you to see and talk to your caller as if you’re in the same room. And you can talk to your older friends on their landline telephones, too, and saving money on regular phone bills.

Konnekt does EVERYTHING: Setup, personalization, delivery, support… we even test with your family and friends to help ensure each and every call will be incredibly good. We can help you with the best Internet deals. Simply call or email us for help or to make changes remotely. We personalize buttons and messages, in any language, and customize ringing durations and auto-answer for trusted carers.

Konnekt – for Seniors of all abilities

Konnekt Videophone - Accessibility

Konnekt Seniors Phone is used by the elderly living at home or in Aged Care.

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Konnekt Seniors Phone – Incredibly Easy to Use

Konnekt Videophone - Simple to use

Learn why Videophone is surprisingly easy to use for seniors 

Our seniors phone is ideal for older adults, retired seniors, pensioners, elderly parents and grandparents.

Take advantage of Internet communication without the complexity of a computer or iPad. Your family deserves it!

Technology designed for seniors

The Konnekt Seniors Phone is a registered Assistive Technology, classed as a Communication Aid. It’s recognized as a powerful social tool for helping older adults connect to community, to regain control of their lives, and to remain living independently for longer. Safety is increased too: Videophone blocks scammers, telemarketers and other unknown callers. It also lets trusted, nominated family members and carers check in visually when there’s no answer or in an emergency.

Over 65?  Australia’s Home Care Package (HCP) and similar government programs in other countries may be able to fund a Konnekt Videophone for you. Contact Us to discuss how.

Senior Specific Features

  • LOUD and hi-fidelity sound from two large, in-built speakers. Much louder than tablets or laptops.
  • Especially LOUD ringtone available, audible across many rooms.
  • LARGE 15-inch or 20-inch screen, easy to see from anywhere in the room.
  • HUGE one-touch Call buttons. Incredibly simple.
  • Friends and relatives can show photos from their computers to your Videophone while you talk. You do NOTHING! Just sit back and enjoy.
  • Blocks unknown callers. No telemarketers or fraudsters!
  • No numbers to remember. Each Call button first calls your contact’s mobile / tablet / computer face-to-face, and then tries backup home / office landlines in turn. All with one touch.
  • Reduce phone bills for you and your family.
  • Auto-answer option for trusted carers. Reduce worry when you can’t answer.

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Available worldwide

Konnekt has sales/support partners across Australia / Asia, Europe, United Kingdom, North America, New Zealand and Africa.

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