Australian Government Funding

Australian Government Funding for Konnekt Videophone

There are 9 types of government funding available for Konnekt Videophone, Captioning Videophone and most of our accessories:

  1. Konnekt-Telstra Captioning Videophone Program, for people who are deaf or hard of hearing, need captions, or read lips
  2. NDIS, for people under 65 
  3. MyAgedCare Home Care Package (HCP), for people over 65 living independently
  4. MyAgedCare CHSP, for those over 65 not on a HCP
  5. geat2GO, for those seeking CHSP who have no local provider
  6. DVA Rehabilitation Appliances Program (RAP), for veterans, widows and dependants
  7. JobAccess Employment Assistance Fund (EAF), for the workplace
  8. State-based programs, to help cover the gaps
  9. Transport and work accident insurance, for recovery from injuries

Dementia Support Australia offers free carer advice and personalised strategies, including for those in residential care.

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Diagram showing Konnekt Australian Government Funding Options

1. Konnekt-Telstra Captioning Videophone Program

For people who are deaf or hard of hearing, need captions, or read lips

  • Get the Konnekt phone, most accessories, service and support for $5 per month, no more to pay, all calls included
  • Just $5 per month extra if Internet is required
  • Fast, great value, and ideal for those with no other funding
Man at home wearing hearing aid


  • You require captions or lip reading to understand, or you are deaf or severely hard-of-hearing
  • For Telstra or Belong customers living independently, OR
  • * New * For residents of Government-subsidised Care Homes



For people under 65

  • NDIS funds trial, rent-buy or purchase, and most payments are GST-exempt 
  • Monthly fees can be included as a prepaid annual subscription, and can be paid from a different category such as Daily Living
Girl with a Cochlear implant


  • You or your Support Manager may need a recommendation from an Occupational Therapist, Audiologist, Speech Therapist, Physiotherapist or other relevant health professional


  • Self-managed or plan-managed? Konnekt invoices you or your Plan Manager directly
  • NDIA-managed? A go-between NDIS-Registered Provider is required

3. MyAgedCare Home Care Package (HCP)

For people over 65 living independently

  • MyAgedCare HCP can fund trial, rent-buy or purchase
  • HCP can also fund monthly fees, and usually Konnekt-managed Internet (locked for Videophone use only)
Happy senior man


  • HCP is designed for those living independently (not in residential care)


  • Already have a HCP? Ask us for a quotation and invoice for your Provider.
  • Waiting on your HCP application? Start with our rent-buy plan; about half* of your rental payments can be refunded after your Provider purchases.
  • To apply for HCP, call MyAgedCare on 1800 200 422 or apply online.
  • For those without multiple needs, the wait can be long. Start with CHSP

4. Commonwealth Home Support Program (CHSP)
5. geat2GO

For those over 65 not on a HCP

  • MyAgedCare CHSP funds up to $1,000 towards purchase or trial, or up to $1,000/year for rental
  • Urgent need? If waiting for HCP, or HCP used up, geat2GO funds up to $2,500/year, with ACAT assessor approval
Senior Lady

Eligibility (read am I eligible?)


6. DVA Rehabilitation Appliances Program (RAP)

For veterans, widows and dependants

  • DVA RAP can fund purchase, and sometimes the Konnekt on-going fees paid as an annual software subscription
Senior lady smiling


  • You have an assessed clinical need
  • You hold a DVA Gold Card or White Card


  • Obtain an assessment from a relevant health professional or a Care Home Registered Nurse (RN)
  • A successful 30-day trial will support your application for purchase funding
  • Contact Konnekt for more information

7. JobAccess Employment Assistance Fund (EAF)

For the workplace

  • EAF funds assistive technology and workplace modifications
  • EAF can also fund a workplace assessment
  • Some people have one Captioning Videophone for home, and one for their workplace
Business woman talking on the phone


  • You have an ongoing disability that has lasted, or will last at least two years and disability must limit, restrict or impair your ability to work
  • You are self-employed or have active employment for at least 8 hours per week, and meet the other EAF Guidelines


8. State-based Equipment Programs

To help fill the gaps

  • Generally for people living independently or in transition
  • May help non-residents, people with no local provider, on a waiting list or with insufficient funds
Woman wearing a headset while using a notebook

Programs and eligibility vary across states and territories

9. Transport and Work Accident Insurance

For recovery from injuries

  • Transport accident cover assists rehabilitation from motor accident injuries affecting the brain, hearing, vision, mobility or dexterity
  • Work accident cover assists recuperation from work-related injuries, and supports return to work
Man on the ground, nursing a leg injury caused by a car accident or work accident

Cover for assistive technology may vary across states and territories

Dementia Support Australia (DSA)

Free services for carers, including for those in residential aged care

Dementia Support Australia provides free services to carers for those at home or in residential care, to reduce the impact of changed behaviours related to dementia.

Based on individual circumstances, a Dementia Consultant develops personalised strategies and advice and offers practical ways to implement them.  This can include a home visit, telephone support and other assistance to suit.

Elderly lady who has dementia, looking out a window

Eligibility – The person requiring support must:

  • Experience behaviours resulting from diagnosed or suspected dementia that impact care or be at risk of this in the community
  • Behaviours may include confusion, depression symptoms, difficulty with daily activities, or expressing the desire to go home


  • Obtain consent from the person or nominated carer to receive services and apply to DSA

Contact Konnekt to receive more detailed information about Australian government funding, or to get help with your application.

Outside Australia: Contact your local Konnekt partner to find out about government funding availability in your country.

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