Konnekt Videophone showing call buttons with contact photos

Konnekt Videophone

  • One Touch To Call
  • Extra Large & Loud
  • Calls Any Device
  • Calls Telephones Too
  • Captioning Option

Introducing the

Konnekt Videophone

Konnekt Videophone is the world’s simplest phone, designed specifically for the elderly and those with a disability or hearing loss.

It is the first phone that can actually help increase cognitive ability for those with memory loss / dementia and help lower depression risk, as per the latest studies on social isolation. It also enables family to be exceptional care-givers.

Konnekt Videophone - Easiest Seniors Phone Ever - For Those Too Busy to Visit Elderly Parents Daily

Konnekt Captioning Videophone

Konnekt Captioning Videophone is the best phone for people of all ages who are deaf or hard-of-hearing. 

It provides captioned phone calls, as well as optional captioned video calls to enable you to read lips and facial expressions. Our phone also provides loud, clear sound. You can use it hands-free or with a handset or headset.

Feel safer, knowing that assistance is just one touch away.

Make and Receive Phone Calls with Konnekt Captioning Videophone - 2023 Update

We congratulate Konnekt on the work that you have done on the Tele-Audiology Guidelines and also the contribution that Konnekt has made over several years to equitable design of telecommunications solutions.
— Dr Kevan Penter, Telstra – Accessible Telecommunications Program.

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One Touch Calling

Connects face-to-face to any iPad, tablet, mobile or PC worldwide via Skype. Calls telephones too.

Konnekt Video Phone

Auto Answer option

Can’t answer? Hearing? Fall? Emergency? Carers can check in, with 2-way video & sound. End the worry!

Huge Buttons, Extra Loud

For shaky hands, low vision, hard-of-hearing. Restore independence!

No Computer Skills Required

No logins, passwords, icons or menus. Personalised contacts, buttons, text sizes, colours, language. Konnekt does all setup and later changes for you without a visit.

Product Applications

Gentleman struggling with small tablet or phone

Designed for memory loss


Loud, with captions option

aged care

For residents and home care


Wide range of options

Incredibly easy to use


Large easy-to-press buttons

Check on Health

Videophone provides a simple and effective way to visually check for signs of stress and poor health. Calls from trusted contacts can be connected automatically, so you can see, hear and offer comfort in the event of a fall or emergency. End the worry when they don’t answer.

As seen on TV – Ch. 31 and 44 with Carol O’Halloran

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Videophone mitigates COVID lockdown, reduces risk. Read how

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Social isolation is bad for your health.  Regular face-to-face social interactions are likely a great way to help prevent depression.

Prof Alan Teo MD MS
Oregon Health & Science University

It is almost like being in the same room. The time on the calls brightens both of our days. I never thought that my father would be able to use a video call system… having the separate unit with big buttons means he can call family easily.

Life changing device. The team at Konnekt couldn’t have been friendlier. Efficient and super helpful.
Thankyou so much.

Valerie Curic
Captioning in Croatian