Easy To See Buttons

Easy To See Buttons

The Konnekt video phone with easy to see buttons has a large 15-inch (38cm) screen that’s bright, has TALL text, and HUGE buttons with LARGE labels.

It’s extremely easy to locate and press the ANSWER button, or the Call button of the contact you want to see.

No need to rush to find your glasses each time there’s a call!

The Konnekt Videophone Call buttons, ANSWER / HANGUP buttons and on-screen messages are large and clear, with BIG text, so Videophone is great for those with poor eyesight or an unsteady hand.

We setup and personalise the number of contacts and buttons, the size and style of the text, a high-contrast colour scheme to suit your eyesight, and even the language of prompts. We can adjust them for you later, without having to visit.


  • LARGE 15-inch (38cm) screen
  • TALL customizable text
  • HUGE buttons, personalized labels
  • No need to rush for your glasses
  • Auto-answer option

How does it help those with arthritis, Parkinson’s, MND, ALS, CIDP, CP, MS, carpal tunnel syndrome or unsteady hands?


The Konnekt Videophone has HUGE one-touch buttons, an advanced touch-screen, no handset to hold, it’s LOUD and LARGE enough to use while sitting in your favourite chair, and includes setup, personalization, extra cabling if required, updates and support, and we can even help you with specialized installation and Internet. Videophone just needs to be unboxed and plugged into a power outlet. See Arthritis applications or see the Konnekt Disability Videophone, designed specifically for those with an impairment.

Available worldwide

Konnekt has sales/support partners across Australia / Asia, Europe, United Kingdom, North America, New Zealand and Africa.

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