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The Konnekt Videophone is an incredibly easy to use disability phone / impairment phone, ideal for those disabled or impaired, or with a chronic illnessrestricted movement or in a wheelchair. It lets you SEE and talk hands-free to your family and friends, with ease, from anywhere in the room. Just ONE TOUCH to call or answer. The LARGE 38cm advanced touchscreen and HUGE buttons make it incredibly easy to operate – even through a bandage or glove, or using a long pointer or prosthetic. There’s no keyboard, mouse or remote. No headset or handset to hold. Carers can be auto-answered.

Konnekt does everything: Setup, personalization, helping your contacts get going with Skype, delivery, support. We have solutions for specialized installation, and we can help you with Internet. Call or email us for help or to make changes remotely. We personalize buttons and messages, in any language, and customize ringing durations so you can take as long as you want to answer… with just one touch.

Konnekt Video Phone - Serious Features For Serious Problems

With one touch, your Videophone finds and reaches your Contact anywhere in the world! We personalize each Call Button. If your friend doesn’t answer on his mobile, iPad, tablet or computer, then his home and office landline backup numbers can be tried in turn. We can even set it up to avoid voicemail and answering machines.

Calls from trusted carers can be auto-answered, in case you have trouble answering. Unlike an intrusive webcam, you can read and see exactly who’s calling, and there’s full two-way video and audio.

It can be hard to get out and meet your friends and family, and even harder when they don’t live nearby. With the Konnekt Videophone, there’s no need to feel lonely: You can share a smile as often as you want, as long as you like, at any time.

Social isolation has been linked to depression, high blood pressure, poor sleep and heart disease. Our disability phone helps you be more independent, raising self-esteem, and lets you have true face-to-face connection with your local and overseas loved ones – as if you were just one metre apart – without the need for travel.

Australia’s National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) and similar programs in other countries may be able to fund a Konnekt Videophone for you. Contact Us to discuss how.

Accessibility Features

  • LARGE 38cm screen, BIG speakers. See and talk from anywhere in the room. Wheelchair friendly.
  • One touch to call or answer. Simpler than a phone or TV.
  • Auto-answer for trusted callers. Don’t get up at all.
  • No keyboard or mouse. No headset to wear. No handset to hold.
  • HUGE buttons: Easy to touch, even with an unsteady hand.
  • Advanced touchscreen: Doesn’t need skin contact. Works with prosthetics / artificial limbs, through bandages / gloves, or using a hand / foot / head-operated wand.
  • Heavy-duty table-friendly fixed stand, or slimline / pan-tilt wall mount. It won’t move or fall.
  • We do everything: Setup, personalisation, testing with your contacts, delivery, support, remote changes.
  • Customized outgoing and incoming ringing durations. Take as long as you want to answer.
  • Press “Konnekt” for help. We can change almost anything, without a visit.
  • One call button can auto dial multiple Skype Names and telephone numbers.
  • Option to avoid voice-mail and answering machines.
  • Blocks unknown callers such as telemarketers, scammers and fraudsters – for users who may be vulnerable
  • Super high-contrast colour scheme available for those with low vision
  • Incredibly large 2×2 call-button mode (up to 6 inches wide, 200+ text font size) for poor vision / near-blind
  • Ability to share screen from any computer, for showing typed text, photos, browser screen (translator app, for example), for the hearing-impaired

Accessibility Options

  • Works with access switches / buttons for bed/chair-bound or mobility impaired — see accessories
  • Equipped with standard VESA-100 mount for attachment to wall / ceiling / floor / desk brackets, TV / monitor extendable arms, chair-mount brackets, and bed mounting systems
  • Standard audio inputs and outputs for hearing-aid loop / amplifiers and cochlear implants
  • Ability to take part in group calls — great for medical appointments
  • Compatible with speech-generating devices and apps, via standard audio-in socket or long-range microphone
  • Optional super-sensitive plug-in microphone for those with aphasia or very soft speech (sound input defaults back to the in-built microphone if external microphone is removed)

The Konnekt Videophone is suitable for both the elderly and those with a disability. The Konnekt Disability Videophone product, which is based on the Konnekt Videophone but designed specifically for those with a disability, has several additional and unique hardware and software features for those with an impairment such as deafness / severe hearing loss, dementia, or a mobility or dexterity disability.

Konnekt Videophone - Accessibility Testimonial

The many ways that Konnekt helps with disabilities 

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