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The Konnekt Videophone is an incredibly easy to use disability phone / impairment phone, ideal for those disabled or impaired, or with a chronic illnessrestricted movement or in a wheelchair. It lets you SEE and talk hands-free to your family and friends, with ease, from anywhere in the room. Just ONE TOUCH to call or answer. The LARGE 38cm advanced touchscreen and HUGE buttons make it incredibly easy to operate – even through a bandage or glove, or using a long pointer or prosthetic. There’s no keyboard, mouse or remote. No headset or handset to hold. Carers can be auto-answered.

Konnekt does everything: Setup, personalization, helping your contacts get going with Skype, delivery, support. We have solutions for specialized installation, and we can help you with Internet. Call or email us for help or to make changes remotely. We personalize buttons and messages, in any language, and customize ringing durations so you can take as long as you want to answer… with just one touch.

Konnekt Video Phone - Serious Features For Serious Problems

With one touch, your Videophone finds and reaches your Contact anywhere in the world! We personalize each Call Button. If your friend doesn’t answer on his mobile, iPad, tablet or computer, then his home and office landline backup numbers can be tried in turn. We can even set it up to avoid voicemail and answering machines.

Calls from trusted carers can be auto-answered, in case you have trouble answering. Unlike an intrusive webcam, you can read and see exactly who’s calling, and there’s full two-way video and audio.

It can be hard to get out and meet your friends and family, and even harder when they don’t live nearby. With the Konnekt Videophone, there’s no need to feel lonely: You can share a smile as often as you want, as long as you like, at any time.

Social isolation has been linked to depression, high blood pressure, poor sleep and heart disease. Our disability phone helps you be more independent, raising self-esteem, and lets you have true face-to-face connection with your local and overseas loved ones – as if you were just one metre apart – without the need for travel.

Australia’s National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) and similar programs in other countries may be able to fund a Konnekt Videophone for you. Contact Us to discuss how.

Accessibility Features

  • LARGE 38cm screen, BIG speakers. See and talk from anywhere in the room. Wheelchair friendly.
  • One touch to call or answer. Simpler than a phone or TV.
  • Auto-answer for trusted callers. Don’t get up at all.
  • No keyboard or mouse. No headset to wear. No handset to hold.
  • HUGE buttons: Easy to touch, even with an unsteady hand.
  • Advanced touchscreen: Doesn’t need skin contact. Works with prosthetics / artificial limbs, through bandages / gloves, or using a hand / foot / head-operated wand.
  • Heavy-duty table-friendly fixed stand, or slimline / pan-tilt wall mount. It won’t move or fall.
  • We do everything: Setup, personalisation, testing with your contacts, delivery, support, remote changes.
  • Customized outgoing and incoming ringing durations. Take as long as you want to answer.
  • Press “Konnekt” for help. We can change almost anything, without a visit.
  • One call button can auto dial multiple Skype Names and telephone numbers.
  • Option to avoid voice-mail and answering machines.
  • Blocks unknown callers such as telemarketers, scammers and fraudsters – for users who may be vulnerable
  • Super high-contrast colour scheme available for those with low vision
  • Incredibly large 2×2 call-button mode (up to 6 inches wide, 200+ text font size) for poor vision / near-blind
  • Ability to share screen from any computer, for showing typed text, photos, browser screen (translator app, for example), for the hearing-impaired

Accessibility Options

  • Works with access switches / buttons for bed/chair-bound or mobility impaired — see accessories
  • Equipped with standard VESA-100 mount for attachment to wall / ceiling / floor / desk brackets, TV / monitor extendable arms, chair-mount brackets, and bed mounting systems
  • Standard audio inputs and outputs for hearing-aid loop / amplifiers and cochlear implants
  • Ability to take part in group calls — great for medical appointments
  • Compatible with speech-generating devices and apps, via standard audio-in socket or long-range microphone
  • Optional super-sensitive plug-in microphone for those with aphasia or very soft speech (sound input defaults back to the in-built microphone if external microphone is removed)

The Konnekt Videophone is suitable for both the elderly and those with a disability. The Konnekt Disability Videophone product, which is based on the Konnekt Videophone but designed specifically for those with a disability, has several additional and unique hardware and software features for those with an impairment such as deafness / severe hearing loss, dementia, or a mobility or dexterity disability.

Konnekt Videophone - Accessibility Testimonial

The many ways that Konnekt helps with disabilities 

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stamatina katsanevasstamatina katsanevas
03:29 21 May 24
Thank you to John and all the supportive staff at Konnekt. What an amazing service and an amazing product. It enabled us to stay in touch with our father and enabled him to have a better a quality of life because of this. Thank you again, will always be so very appreciative of the special moments that we were able to have because of this service. Kind regards Tina and family
Bruce ReimersBruce Reimers
23:10 24 Apr 24
I would like to say that the Konnekt device was wonderful for my Mum, the Staff at the Aged Care Home, and the family. Mum had Dementia but Nursing staff could easily call a family member to help settle Mum as required. It enabled us to comunicate and this extended to the end when Mum was unable to answer the Konnekt but family could call in to see if Mum was sleeping or wandering around. If she was wandering, I could go up and spend time with her while she was awake which I now cherish. She had many falls so this extra time with her when she was wandering also meant that she had extra one-to-one attention which could have avoided a tragedy such as a broken hip from a fall. Now, in hindsight after Mum has passed, I can't help but feel the Konnekt device was instrumental in ensuring Mum did not suffer as much as she might have and was able to pass peacefully into God's care, as she would have wanted to.
Jill LawrenceJill Lawrence
22:16 21 Apr 24
Startling. The system was in place 4 days and my mother connected with her granddaughter and spoke with her great grandsons - and I wasn't there. Thank you Konnekt, it is as easy to use as you promote.
06:43 21 Apr 24
Very useful and convenient phone
Carin MurphyCarin Murphy
23:02 16 Apr 24
Thanks again to you and all the team for the blessing that Konnekt has been to us. I even got to see Mum and say goodbye via the videophone the day before she died, even though she was barely conscious in Canberra, and I was here on the Sunshine Coast. There was no way I could have got there in person in time as she went so quickly at the end. She was 95.
Morgan LittlewoodMorgan Littlewood
01:40 16 Apr 24
Alzheimers makes it so difficult for reliabkle remote connection. The Konnekt service was a Godsend for my mum. It was the only reliable communication method for years.
Andrew WhiteheadAndrew Whitehead
04:23 14 Apr 24
I inquired about this two weeks ago. Within a week, it was delivered to my home. Just connect to power and telephone line, and ready to go. Already programmed with my favorite 10 numbers. I would recommend Konnekt to every person like me who has a hearing problem.
Melanie HardakerMelanie Hardaker
06:41 10 Apr 24
Konnect was so easy to set up. We had support the whole way and it is a gamechanger for my grandma.
Grace MartinGrace Martin
02:12 10 Apr 24
Fantastic system that allows our family to stay in contact even though we live in different states. Dad has dementia & is no longer able to navigate a mobile phone but he is able to use this with ease. Great invention
Catherine BCatherine B
06:53 05 Apr 24
This Company has been great to deal with and my 85 year old Dad just loves his new videophone!It's such a great way for us all to keep in touch and see our loved ones.Everything is simplified and so user friendly for the hearing and sight impaired and those with cognition/memory issues.I've been telling everyone about this system!Thank you Konnekt!
Joanne ReadJoanne Read
03:41 03 Apr 24
I am a Health professional, and have an elderly Mother with severe hearing impairment. Mum thinks the phone is wonderful, as it has given her back some independence. For example if she needed to make an appointment over the phone , she would need me to do it for her , due to her hearing impairment. Now, she can communicate effectively with the person on the other end of the call and arrange appointments that suit her time frame. The phone has also assisted her to feel more connected as she can ring and talk to friends, whom she cannot visit due to distance.From a safety view point , I now feel my Mother would be able to dial 000 in an emergency, and successfully speak to and instruct the operator , if my elderly Father became acutely unwell and needed urgent medical care.I found organising the phone and the Customer service at Konnekt, to be excellent and have no hesitation in promoting this company and product.
Melanie FletcherMelanie Fletcher
13:25 25 Mar 24
Custome Service and hardware is 10/10. Right from my first contact Daniel, Karl, Tracy have all be exceptional with their response and clear instructions on how to set up and operate. We finally don't have to scream for our Mum to be able to talk with us on the phone - what a win!!
Robbie RangiRobbie Rangi
10:42 06 Feb 24
I was looking for a mobile phone for my mum as she has dementia. I found Konnekt. From the very start I had amazing communication. The help to get my mother connected in NZ, with no wifi, I had roadblocks after roadblock. The patience that all the staff at KONNEKT trying to connect was so worth it and absolutely 👍 amazing 🤩.My mum was isolated from her loved 🥰 ones because she couldn’t remember numbers, screen to small, couldn’t hear. This is the perfect phone ☎️ for SENIORS. The smile on my mothers face now is PRICELESS. Her persona has picked up, she’s all excited to chat, we giggle like little school girls. Mum LOVES what KONNEKT did for her to connect her family, without all the hassles of the internet connection. KONNEKT did it all. Thank you John, Natalie, Karl, Daniel, John and everyone else who HELPED.BEST GIFT 🎁 EVER.I am sooo excited and very very HAPPY and GRATEFUL to KONNEKT. I will send you customers. FOREVER GRATEFUL 🙏❤️Robyn R.
Rina BrettellRina Brettell
07:24 23 Jan 24
A great system for my parents to see all their children and grandchildren and talk to them. Such an easy system to use. Well done Konnekt!
Sabrina HintonSabrina Hinton
23:25 11 Jan 24
The konnekt caption phone is amazing & so easy to use. It makes such a difference to someone who's only connection to the outside world can sometimes be only via the phone.
Brad Drew (Bradric)Brad Drew (Bradric)
05:52 11 Jan 24
Many thanks to John, Karl and the team. My mum has severe hearing loss and the Captioning Videophone has been a life saver. Without it she simply would not be able to communicate with the outside world. It works reliably, is simple to use and the support provided by Konnekt has been first class.
Bob BannisterBob Bannister
01:46 05 Jan 24
For the last six months or so we have been using a Konnekt video phone to talk to Mum. She is in her mid nineties, with mobility issues and a hearing impairment.The device has been absolutely brilliant. Mum can see faces, and so see expressions and lip movements, and also read the captions as needed. And the family can see her! In many ways it is easier for her to communicate using the Konnekt than it is to talk to someone in the room with her.Moreover, the service provided by Konnekt staff has been exceptional. They are immediately available throughout the same service that the device uses. They have talked us through technical issues, customise the interface for our needs, and provided advice on placing the device in the best location.Konnekt enabled us to take advantage of the Telstra scheme making the device very affordable.The Konnekt is easy to use - Mum calls us regularly - it has made a quite substantial improvement in connecting Mum to her family.Highly recommended.
Marta RMarta R
02:03 22 Dec 23
The Konnekt Videophone has been an invaluable addition to our daily routine, providing a lifeline to my 85 year old grandma's well-being. With the ability to visually connect with her every morning, we ensured she took her pills and checked in on her health. The peace of mind this device brought is beyond measure. Moreover, the Konnekt team's exceptional support promptly addressed any issues we encountered. A heartfelt 5/5 for the outstanding service that has truly made a difference for our family.
Grant StevensGrant Stevens
00:32 07 Dec 23
My father is konnekted to the World again.. What a change it makes to be able to communicated with him
Hailey DeeszHailey Deesz
02:23 04 Dec 23
Organised the Konnekt Videophone for my Grandmother as it has became difficult to have phone conversations. It has Improved her quality of life as well as ours. The staff at Konnekt are extremely helpful and personalise the Videophone such a wonderful gift.
Janet LambleJanet Lamble
07:19 16 Nov 23
This has made the world of difference to my 96 year old aunt with hearing difficulties still living at home. I was worried about introducing new technology at her age but with a little encouragement and help she is now confident to ring her contacts and have some better conversations with the captioning and Skype video calls.It has kept her in touch with family.Great service and staff to help with set up.
Michelle HMichelle H
21:36 04 Nov 23
My mother loves her new phone. She wears a cochlear implant and has been deaf from birth. Now thanks to her new phone she can make her own appointments, at doctors, dentists and other medical offices. She loves the weekly catch-up with family as she can now see them when she speaks to them.The team at Konnekt were brilliant in setting up the phone, by rushing to have it delivered, and working on a Saturday on a long week so that I could travel to help mum setup.Sometime the teletext is a little off in getting some words correct but that just adds ti the fun. Well done. Great invention and no outlay cost, so anyone can afford it.
Ellie MeekEllie Meek
01:10 30 Oct 23
I organised the Konnekt video captioning phone for my Aunt-in-law who is 94 years old! She has been mostly deaf for the last year, however suddenly had complete hearing loss and her inability to socialise by any means other than writing isolated her greatly and impacted her mental well being. She reluctantly agreed to hearing aids and we were recommended to Konnekt services to try and resolve the phone issue.We did doubt her ability to adapt to these new devices as is very technically challenged and resistant, however to our utmost surprise and joy she has taken to both, and the Konnekt video captioning phone has made a massive difference to her, now being able to communicate with her small family and social circle again. She has got the hang of it reasonably quickly and is making calls everyday. So nice to see her face light up when she sees us, and also to watch her reading the captioning when not quite catching the words. Brilliant!The Konnekt team are absolutely amazing. They have responded so quickly to the whole process from start to finish and ongoing with any queries or changes we need.I would 100% recommend this product and company.