Videophone Features

Videophone Features

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The Videophone

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The Konnekt Service

Seniors Internet and Videophone - available from Konnekt

All included

  • Unlimited face-to-face calls with any device on Skype worldwide
  • Unlimited calls to regular phones (save hundreds per year)
  • Access to Konnekt Call Centre for assistance
  • On-going Konnekt software updates
  • Managed video-calling service and software updates
  • Personalised contacts, buttons, language and more
  • Konnekt does all changes for you, remotely
  • Full, super-friendly I.T. support
World's Simplest Video Phone Price available - Buy, rent or try - designed for seniors, disabled, dementia

Our customers love it

It is almost like being in the same room and the time on the calls brightens both of our days.

I never thought that my father would be able to use a video call system but having the separate easy to use unit with big buttons means he can call me and other family members easily.
– J. Lewis

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Konnekt is the easiest phone and phone service available worldwide. Watch our videos or see it in action!

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