Worried About Your Parents Health?

A Konnekt Videophone can help …

  • A simple way to communicate effectively with the elderly
  • Quickly identify if there is a problem from visual cues
  • Check in fast during an emergency

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The Elderly Face Many Challenges Which Affect Their Quality Of Life

Old man on ground in pain

Falls and illness

  • Do you worry when they don’t answer the phone?
  • Do they worry about having to move out of home?

Graham fell. Video phone automatically answered his son’s call. Seeing his Dad on the ground, he comforted him while getting help.

Lonely older adult male

Social isolation & loneliness

  • Lack of face-to-face contact, 3 times a week, with loved ones, doubles depression incidence.
  • Social isolation is associated with heart disease, sleep problems, morbidity and reduced function.

June’s video phone makes her feel less lonely. June sees her friends & family daily.

Older adult puzzled by iPad

Fiddly, complex devices

  • Menus, logins, icons, pop-ups make us feel stupid.
  • Teaching the use of a tablet computer is frustrating.
  • Online fraud is a terrifying and costly threat.

Wendy says her Videophone is simpler than a phone. It cut family phone bills by $600/yr!

Assistive Technologies for Seniors - Big Button Phone

Konnekt Videophone

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