Auto Answer Video Phone

Auto Answer Phone Option

An unanswered call to your elderly parents may cause you worry. You might imagine that they’re ill or that something bad has happened. This can be extremely distressful! An Auto Answer Phone with 2-way video can help.

Read how auto-answer helped save Judy’s life.

Konnekt Videophone - Auto-Answer Feature

Auto Answer video calls for elderly

We can setup your Konnekt Videophone to answer incoming calls automatically, if they don’t reach the Videophone in time, from ONLY the authorised callers that you nominate. You can even choose how long it takes to automatically answer. So you can be re-assured – whether they’ve taken too long to answer, if they’ve fallen asleep during a movie, if they have the cat on their lap, if they’re busy with dinner or if they’re in the next room.

Auto Answer Phone for seniors with video for caregivers

A child or care-giver can check whether they’re OK or need assistance.

When Videophone auto-answers, you can BOTH SEE and TALK to each other.

It’s loud, and picks up their voice even if they’re in a nearby room but can’t get up.

They can SEE who is calling so — unlike a webcam — you can be reassured that it’s a contact you’ve nominated.

What’s Your Emergency Plan?

Konnekt Videophone - Keeping You Safe

Privacy assured

We set up Videophone to ONLY auto-answer those trusted contacts that have been nominate. Unlike other solutions, the other contacts are not auto-answered.

Auto-answer is optional and not recommended if the Videophone is in a bedroom.

For care providers and family, Konnekt’s customized Auto Answer Video Phone feature is a godsend.

  • Answers chosen contacts after (up to) 50 seconds
  • Trusted loved ones can check they’re OK
  • Reduce the worry, if they can’t get up
  • Two-way picture reassures who’s calling
  • LOUD: Call out to, and hear, nearby rooms

Complements emergency pendant buttons

Sometimes, they forget to wear their emergency button. Wouldn’t it be great for trusted care-givers to be able to call in, and check visually that they are OK?

If they do press their emergency button, you can quickly call their Konnekt Videophone, let it automatically answer, and determine whether an emergency response is required. Konnekt’s sensitive microphone picks up sound from 1-2 rooms away. We even have a way for you to remotely increase the sound levels, when you really need to hear or make yourself heard.

Also calls phone numbers

The Konnekt can also make standard phone calls (optional). Ideal for calling old Uncle Bill who only has a landline, or for one-touch calls to doctor, pharmacy or a care provider.


How does it help those with dementia, Alzheimer’s, acquired brain injury, a learning difficulty or a past stroke?


The Konnekt Videophone is INCREDIBLY SIMPLE — easier than a phone or TV — with one-touch call buttons. It reinforces the link between names, faces and voices. There are no numbers to remember, no keyboard or mouse, no logins or password, no handset. No computer skills are required, whatsoever. It can cleverly avoid voicemail, it blocks telemarketers and fraudsters, and nominated care-givers can be auto-answered. We do setup, customization, worldwide delivery and support. We can even help with specialized installation (such as bed-mount brackets) and Internet. When it arrives, there’s no setup to do! Just unbox it, unfold the kickstand, stick it on a table, and plug into a power outlet. Learn why a Konnekt is the best phone for cognitive impairment, or an ideal phone for disability