What Others are Saying

What Others are Saying

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Videophone Reviews – Medical and Health

Videophone Helps Save Judy’s Life

If it was not for the Konnekt video phone assisting me to visualize my Mum, I am pretty certain my Mum would have died…

— Cheryl Kolff, Judy’s Daughter / Retired Nurse

Judy and daughter Cheryl

Face-to-Face Linked to Lower Depression

For older adults the probability of developing symptoms of depression steadily increases as the frequency of face-to-face social contact decreases. Our research showed that such an effect did not exist for phone, written, or email contact. What does this mean? Social isolation is bad for your mental health, and regular face-to-face social interactions are likely a great way to help prevent depression.

— Prof Alan Teo, M.D., M.S., Assistant Professor of Psychiatry, Oregon Health & Science University

Hydration & Hygiene Compliance

Adequate water consumption has been a huge challenge… Her face just lights up when she gets a call… I have her read this material to me…

— Sandy Flohrs, MN USA

Sandy's Mom drinking water

Tele-Health, Peace of Mind

Happy to say all running smooth and using the Videophone regularly. Came in handy when I had to explain to my 16 yo son how to set up Nan’s new oxygen machine and nebuliser .. so much easier with visual and audio than if I had to do it over phone.

Thanks so much, it has brought me peace of mind and I actually call Nan more frequently as it’s easier for her to talk and relax in her lounge and have a conversation.

— Traci, Lane Cove

Videophone Reviews – Asia

Children in Vietnam and Australia

I saw Konnekt in a seniors magazine. It works well for my mother who is infirm and has mild Alzheimer’s. She calls a son in Vietnam, myself in Queensland, my sister in Perth and various grandkids.

— Don Jones

Hand pointing to 15-inch Videophone set up in Japanese

Malaysia, Singapore, USA – Happy family

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the wonderful Konnekt staff for the immense help you guys have given to help us set this up for my grandma. She feels more connected being able to see us, especially the great-grandkids, whenever we call.

— Amanda C, Selangor Malaysia (grandma in Kuala Lumpur)

Connected family in Sri Lanka

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Konnect team for the service that you provide through the Konnekt video phone. It cannot be measured by money. I had the opportunity to talk to my beloved brother Sunil every day (sometimes more than once a day). Sunil had the opportunity to talk to us when ever he needed to. My husband, my children living here and my other siblings living in Sri Lanka also used the service every day especially during the Covid lockdowns around the globe.

I have already informed about your great service to my friends here and Sri lanka and will continue to do so.

Thank you again for the great service provided to us.

Best regards, 

— Saroja de Silva in Wantirna Australia (brother Sunil in Sri Lanka)

Videophone Reviews – Australia

Less Worry, More Personal

It’s been great being able to talk face to face with Mum and Dad – particularly when they have been ill, or I haven’t been able to be there as much. It seems so much more personal seeing their faces.

— Reverend Greg Allinson, Vicar of St Mark’s Camberwell

BUPA Aged Care

I love seeing my son in Queensland, and keeping in touch with family and friends is so much easier than my other phone.  The large buttons on the touch screen remind me that I have many family members and friends around Australia that I can call.

— Graham Christie, resident, Melbourne

Bridges the Gap, Lets me Relax

Being able to see Dad bridges the gap of living so far away. Konnekt Videophone makes it possible to relax and stay in touch when I am working anywhere around the world.

— Graham’s son, Brisbane

Less Lonely, Overcame Poor Hearing

The Konnekt video phone system has really helped Dad connect better with friends and family. As he is becoming deaf, seeing the caller helps him to lip read, the sound volume is stronger and the tone is clearer than a standard mobile phone. Also, he doesn’t have to remember phone numbers! The simplicity of the system enables him to be more connected to family and friends, reducing his sense of isolation and aloneness.

— Wendy Wintersgill, Registered Nurse (RN), Graham’s daughter

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Two-Videophone family

Thank you so very much for your wonderful service and help in regards to Mum’s Videophone.  Your communication, interactions and follow-up have made the process so easy.

It was very touching watching and listening to my Mum’s and my Aunt’s reactions and conversation today.  Because of their health issues they have not seen each other for a few years.  The distance in kilometres for them makes it difficult for travel.  To see them touching their hands on the screen and blowing kisses to each other was priceless.  You have a fantastic product!

— Helen N, caring daughter / niece

Ideal during COVID, and hands-free

Our family are all so grateful for the Konnekt video phone system. It is easy to use and has been the only way most of our family has been able to speak with our mum over the last year. One because of covid and two, because her hands could no longer hold a phone of any sort with much success.

We are so grateful to Konnekt for their wonderful support and professional, fast service, you have helped make the last year of our mums life so much richer. We appreciate and thank you.

— Alyse Anderson, Pilbara WA / Adelaide SA

105 Years Old

Mum got a lot of enjoyment from the videophone. And it became quite the talking point in her community. We are just sorry we hadn’t become aware of it much sooner. Operation of the landline was a problem we had been trying to solve for quite a few years.

— Noel B, Loving Son of Liela, Glenelg VIC

Priceless to see grandchild daily

Just wanted to say that Konnekt has changed our lives, and it would be worth every cent even if you quadrupled the price. My dad can see and speak to his grandchild in the UK every day, she knows his face and when he’s gone she will remember him in a way that wouldn’t have been possible without Konnect. The value of that alone is utterly priceless and I am so eternally grateful that you exist.

— Savvas Dimitriou, son, Melbourne VIC

Already Seeing Improvements

I am delighted with your innovative product and very grateful for the improvements that I am already seeing in Norma (she has significant cognitive decline).

— Amanda Hill, daughter, Margaret River WA

Happier, Great Service

I have seen an enormous difference in my Grandma since having a Videophone installed in her room at her aged care facility. She seems so much happier and more settled than I have seen her in a long time. I truly can see the impact that having that instant connection to her loved ones has made all the difference for her. The face to face contact that video calls provide is just so important for someone in her position. To see that smile on her face when we talk is fantastic. Thank you Konnekt. Your customer service has been outstanding. Thank you for your meticulous attention to detail.

— Deanne Joosten, Granddaughter, Tasmania

Konnekt Videophone - Your Story

Healthier, Regained Independence

June now calls me most days and her overall wellbeing has improved out of sight… this has given her back her independence

— Derek Clapton, Aged Care Volunteer

June calls granddaughter Deanne on her one-touch Konnekt Videophone

Easy to Use, Brightens our Days

It is wonderful to be able to see each other despite living interstate. It is almost like being in the same room and the time on the calls brightens both of our days.
I never thought that my father would be able to use a video call system but having the separate easy to use unit with big buttons means he can call me and other family members easily.

— Jonathan L, Sydney

Helping Overcome Disabilities

Konnekt has been a great way for our brother to stay in touch with the family. He has really enjoyed it and quickly mastered the simple to use setup despite his disabilities and lack of computer experience. The support to get started was a great help.

— Elizabeth Richards, Australia

Family Joy and Comfort

This Videophone is fantastic and set up just right for our needs!

The joy, happiness and comfort this device is giving our family is immense……to be able to regularly communicate with our elderly father (with Dementia in a permanent care home) is the absolute best we could hope for in such a situation. Thank you so much!!!

— Steve Surrey, Canberra Australia

COVID Lockdown Care Home

Thanks so much to you and the team for your amazing work and patience during the process of getting Mum’s videophone up and running – you’re such a professional and reassuring organisation. Mum is thrilled to be able to contact us so easily and see our faces. We are delighted to be able to see her and share our lives outside her aged care home in these unusual Covid times. Such a comfort to all, especially considering Victoria’s 2nd lockdown.

May you all stay safe and well.

— Gabrielle, daughter, Melbourne

Tears of Joy

Just wanted to tell u mum was so excited at her first few calls she started to cry. Tears of happiness, she said. A very good reaction from our mum!
Since then she has rung us all several times, including me again at 7 this morning. Hopefully the novelty will calm soon.
Staff also learned it and have been very impressed. Tks.

— Anne-Marie “Ree”, Daughter of 89-year-old Hazel, Tweed Heads NSW

Ree's Mum Hazel out shopping

Videophone Reviews – Europe

bildfon and customers – English language

bildfon Videophone konnekt: What customers are saying

bildfon and customers – German language

bildfon Bildtelefon konnekt: Was unsere Kunden sagen

German Family “Konnekts” Globally

Your product has changed the life of my mum in Germany, who can now see her grandchildren in Australia and around the world.

— Michael Mueller, devoted son

Lockdown: Shares meals remotely

Not being able to travel any more, he feels almost depressed knowing he is not able to talk to or see his family and friends in Serbia and Bulgaria. You and your team made it possible for my husband and me to be in touch even in these lock-downs.

— Irena Miljkovic, wife


Konnekt Videophone maintains the connection between my children, myself and my parents- the distance now between Europe and Aus has been minimised. So easy that with the press of a button my parents are in our living room!!!! Fabulous!

Your assistance has been invaluable; speedy, clear and simple instructions, professional. QUALITY!

Thank you ever so much!

— Ruth Vlahos, Greece

Children in Sweden, London and Newcastle

This is a fantastic concept.
Konnekt has enabled my family – four children who live in Europe and Australia to remain in regular and easy contact with my wife who is now in a nursing home and no longer has the ability to use a conventional telephone or iPad to communicate with her family. This would not have been possible in any other way.
Thank you sincerely.
— Bruce Menzies, husband

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Videophone Reviews – Japan

Yokohama Japan. Review in Japanese language.



— シズエ

Kanagawa Japan connected to New Zealand

Thank you for keeping offering us a great service to stay connected; my dad in Japan and myself over here.

— K.H. (Dad in Kawasaki Japan)

Videophone Reviews – New Zealand

Dad, 99, Sees Grandkids All Over the World

The product has been faultless

Thanks for the great service and product. It’s been invaluable.

Kind Regards

— Paul Fam. (Dad in Wairarapa, New Zealand)

Dad during international video call - side view - S

Most Emojis in One Review

I was looking for a mobile phone for my mum as she has dementia. I found Konnekt. From the very start I had amazing communication. The help to get my mother connected in NZ, with no wifi, I had roadblocks after roadblock. The patience that all the staff at KONNEKT trying to connect was so worth it and absolutely 👍 amazing 🤩.

My mum was isolated from her loved 🥰 ones because she couldn’t remember numbers, screen to small, couldn’t hear. This is the perfect phone ☎️ for SENIORS. The smile on my mothers face now is PRICELESS. Her persona has picked up, she’s all excited to chat, we giggle like little school girls. Mum LOVES what KONNEKT did for her to connect her family, without all the hassles of the internet connection. KONNEKT did it all. Thank you John, Natalie, Karl, Daniel, John and everyone else who HELPED.

I am sooo excited and very very HAPPY and GRATEFUL to KONNEKT. I will send you customers. FOREVER GRATEFUL 🙏

— ❤️Robyn R (mother in Rotorua, New Zealand)

New Zealand South Island to Japan

Thank you… We are so grateful to know and have your Videophone between us!

— “Cakes”, Queenstown, New Zealand (Dad near Tokyo, Japan)

Family photos, news, stories, new grandkids

We have been using our videophone for 2.5 months; for me it is magic! It has given me peace of mind and my 97 year old mom loves it!  She feels less isolated, has more social interaction and mental stimulation. Now we can have wonderful “face to face” conversations for as long as we want whether it’s a quick chat, a longer discussion, a call just to say good morning or goodnight! We discuss family stories, family photos, latest happenings and read to each other and since Mom’s memory now isn’t the best so often conversations repeat. 

Sometimes the facility staff where she lives come into her room so I have positive interactions with them. When local family members visit her we all can chat together. Her overseas grandchildren keep in touch and she has been able to “meet” her latest great-grandchild. As a toddler he is now recognizing her and interacting also! I am happy that when I’m away from home our video calls continue when I using my cell phone.

The Konnekt staff have been absolutely fantastic and I can’t thank them enough. (Karl, Graeme, Natalie, Daniel) .They always respond to my questions and help solve problems in a patient and empathetic manner.  The videophone is set to automatic answering for my calls because Mom has limited mobility.

— Jayne C, Albert Canada (Mum on Hibiscus Coast, New Zealand)

Videophone Reviews – North America

ESSI and Customers

Konnekt Videophone Promo

Videophone Helps Save Another Life

The Konnekt videophone is AMAZING as is the entire Konnekt team! My mom lost her ability to use a telephone due to dementia, however she was easily able to use the Konnekt. It was a blessing to visit with her (and her care providers) throughout the lockdown. My sisters and I could all visit with my mom together despite the miles between us. This not only enhanced her quality of life, but also allowed us to evaluate her status.

During one of our visits we witnessed my mom having a stroke and we were able intervene immediately. The Konnekt videophone is literally a lifesaver!!

The Konnekt team was extremely helpful and made it super easy to use the videophone everywhere my mom was transferred throughout the rehabilitation process. Thank you, Konnekt! Words cannot express our depth of gratitude and height of praise for the ingenious videophone and your excellent service!

Linda Lopp, Florida USA

Joan the mother of Linda on a Skype call from her Konnekt Videophone

Mum Loves to See Us

Konnekt has been very helpful in bridging the time between personal visits to mum. She loves to see the faces of me and other loved ones (in Canada and Australia) who are great distances away.
Mum is usually super uncomfortable around any kind of technology but Konnekt’s extreme simplicity has made it so easy, approachable and even fun for mum to navigate. I can’t recommend it highly enough.

— Sean Whelan, Dedicated Son

Overnight Support for Disability Residents

Individuals with hearing loss can use sign language or visual cards to communicate over the videophones, both with staff and with other people in their network such as parents, friends and neighbours.

— Jody D, Assistive Technology Developer, Community Living Society, Vancouver Canada

Independence, support and friendship

The videophones enable Chris and his friends to chat easily between their apartments and help each other using their individual abilities and skills, while they learn to be more independent.

— Jody D, Assistive Technology Developer, CLS

U.S. Care Home during Pandemic

WOW… what a wonderful day we have had… it’s almost like visiting my husband’s room in the nursing home… we’ve had virtual breakfast, lunch and dinner together. He has been visited by some of his friends and I’ve been able to thank staff who have come into his room. I love to dial in and see that he is sitting peacefully which makes my day more peaceful too… THANK YOU for this wonderful gift during this otherwise stressful pandemic.. It has exceeded my expectations.

— Tillie Freeman, upstate New York, USA (loving wife, 83)

Jack and Tillie in New York talking face to face via Konnekt

Coronavirus threat averted

When my mum sees someone in the background she says hello and that pulls them into the conversation the way you just don’t get with a phone. The conversations are much more engaging, and therefore last longer.

I have also used it to show her around places that she will never be able to see – the building work that is going on in our apartment, my son’s hockey game. I just switch to the other camera on the phone, walk around and narrate.

I am really excited to have set this up when I did given the challenges of international air travel right now. I was heading to the UK in April, but now won’t be, and it doesn’t feel as much of a disappointment to my mum as it would have done before the Konnekt.

— Adrian Kunzle, New York, United States (mother in UK)

Adrian K: USA-UK Videophone Story - Incredible Success

Videophone Reviews – United Kingdom

Easier than a Landline

I purchased a Konnekt videophone for my Mum in the UK in 2020.

Mum had no capacity to use a computer, and her dementia meant that she was no longer able to use her mobile phone.

The Konnekt team were very responsive to my questions, and when I made the decision to purchase went through all the options available very carefully.

Delivery was very swift, and my sister had no trouble with set -up (I don’t think my Mum could have done this herself due to her dementia). However, once the videophone was installed next to Mum’s favourite arm chair she never looked back, and making a call to her contacts presented no problem for her.

Mum was a very social person, and loved being able to keep in touch with her family wherever they were, at a very difficult time of prolonged lock downs.

Despite being so far away and unable to physically be with Mum I was able to see and talk with her nearly every day, and every time she said how lucky she was to be able to have the videophone.

Mum very proudly told all her friends that she liked to Skype and told them how easy it was. By this time she had lost the ability to use her land line and could not perform simple tasks – but Skyping with Konnekt presented no problem.

Purchasing the Konnekt tablet was definitely the best thing I could have done for Mum during this time.

Thank you to everyone at Konnekt for helping to make this happen, and for the very prompt, helpful and friendly service.

— Anne Field

Reliable Video Calling (UK)

My mother-in-law in the UK has hearing and memory difficulties. After many years of search for a reliable way to keep in touch I found the Konnekt video phone.

We have had no internet or connection issues and the system has helped us have confidence in how she is going.

— Prof. Alan Taylor, Vice President Australasian Telehealth Society.

Click to read Alan’s story

JustSoCare customer, United Kingdom

We have just had Konnekt installed for our Mother who has Alzheimer’s.   It is does everything and more than we were hoping for.  We are able to see her everyday, it’s like being in the same room with her.  It gives our family such comfort to be able to see her regularly and make her laugh.   Very easy to use, both for us and our Mother.  It was very straight forward to order and Just So Care were very professional and helpful.   

I cant recommend it enough.

— Alison Ryan Scriven, Hertfordshire, United Kingdom.

From England, worldwide

My Mum is very pleased with the Konnekt device and has managed to see and talk to all the grandchildren and great grandchildren all over the world for the first for over the year . The only complaint is that we should have found it much earlier.

— Roger Burley, West Midlands, England

UK Dad is Registered as Blind

The Konnekt Videophone allows me to keep an eye on and check the condition of my dad, who is in the UK (Cornwall). Since the Videophone has a large screen and is always on, my dad can use it easily without requiring someone else there, so I can see my dad whenever I wish.

— Ben Smart, overseas son

Couldn’t Use a Tablet (UK)

Amazingly simple to install and use, even for Grandma with shaky hands and where using her iPad for communicating with friends and family was becoming more and more difficult. Now the videophone has solved that, friends and family from far and wide around the UK, even those in the USA and Europe can call her.. So easy and cost effective too.. 

Making a big difference to the feeling of being alone – takes the worry from family too knowing that she is okay ..   Brilliant job 🙂.

— Geoff Hooper, Warwickshire UK

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Geoff's family re-unites

Videophone Reviews – More Video Testimonials

4 Generations

Watch Jayne and her cute kids talk about her grandfather and his Videophone.

Konnekt Videophone - Customer testimonial - Jayne

Mum in a Care Home – Much Happier

Watch Derek explain why his mother is less lonely and what she likes about her Videophone.

Konnekt Videophone - Customer testimonial - Derek

Ideal for Seniors or Hearing Loss

Carol O’Halloran: Why I recommend Konnekt Videophone for seniors, and Captioning Videophone for those with hearing loss

Carol O'Halloran - why I recommend Konnekt Videophone for seniors