Review: Aged Care Success

Konnekt Videophone eases Aged Care transition

“The Konnekt Videophone has been a positive influence on my elderly Father – helping him to stay in regular contact with his much loved family.”

Mr Graham C moved into an aged care home soon after his wife passed away. Graham wears two hearing aids and is unsteady on his feet. Graham has a supportive family but they do not all live close by. Graham’s daughter Wendy (a registered nurse) lives in Melbourne, another daughter lives in Bendigo and a son in Brisbane. Graham also has a Brother and Sister in Canberra. It is important to Graham to keep in contact with his family during this emotional time.

Wendy decided to install the Konnekt Videophone in Graham’s room at BUPA Bonbeach and the outcome has been positive for both Graham and the family.

Wendy explained that the family uses the Konnekt videophone to keep Graham updated about all of the family activities and events and they share videos, photos, stories and jokes all the time – this assists with Graham’s positive well-being. Wendy still visits her Father as well, but the Videophone has enabled Wendy to keep in regular contact without always being physically in the room with her Father.

Being a nurse, Wendy also likes the Konnekt videophone because she is able to keep a watchful eye on Graham’s mental awareness, body language and overall condition – it is difficult to do this with a normal phone.

Wendy explained that Graham’s son in Brisbane contacts his Father from his work computer and can type messages from his keyboard to make it easier to communicate. Graham reads his son’s typed messages and then can talk in the usual manner.

Graham finds it easy to make an outgoing call to his family and because it is simple to use and the screen is large he has no trouble with placing the call. There are no numbers for Graham to remember or enter because the Konnekt Videophone has already been tailored to Graham’s requirements. The buttons on the touch screen are large and the font is easy to read and it only requires a simple touch of the screen for Graham to make the important call. The Konnekt videophone has speakers that are larger than a normal phone and the call sound is loud and crystal clear for Graham. Graham is not concerned about how long he is on the Videophone because the call is made over the internet. Any changes to the numbers on Graham’s Konnekt videophone can be made remotely by the friendly Konnekt support team.

Wendy commented that the staff at the aged care home are supportive with this new technology because they know that it makes Graham happy to stay in contact with his family, and it does not intrude upon their work activities.

We strongly recommend to family clients that they consider the benefits of the Konnekt videophone technology to assist them to stay in regular contact with their elderly relatives, whether that loved one is in the family home, retirement village, serviced apartment or an aged care home — Ron Carroll, technology reviewer.

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