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12 Oct 2016 Konnekt Videophone acclaimed in StartsAt60 review:

The Konnekt Videophone has been recommended for over-60s by technology-for-older-adults specialist Ready-Tech-Go and premier seniors website Starts-at-60, for the first time independently confirming the ability for those who are not tech-savvy to prevent social isolation by staying in touch with friends and loved ones.

The write-up embraces the need for a video calling device that’s simple to use, large enough for those with poor vision and loud enough for those who are hard-of-hearing.

The difference between this and a regular video call is that use on the Konnekt Videophone user’s side is much, much simpler. Furthermore, it can call back-up telephone numbers of a single contact if the first call isn’t answered — Michelle Pham, Technology Consultant ReadyTechGo.

ReadyTechGo suggests in the published review that the video phone is a good alternative to iPads, smartphones, and any other device that is just too complicated for use.

Our customers already tell us they love Videophone’s easy-to-use interface. It’s great praise to have this confirmed by a company that regularly trains adults and reviews modern products designed for those who want a well-designed appliance without the complexity of today’s tiny gadgets — Karl Grimm, CEO Konnekt Pty Ltd.

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