Reliable video calling

Reliable, easy to use videophone keeps elderly mother connected abroad

Elderly Mother-in-law, living in the UK with hearing and memory difficulties.

Living alone in the UK

My mother-in-law in the UK has hearing and memory difficulties. After many years of search for a reliable way to keep in touch I found the Konnekt video phone.

I was able to quickly install it in her council accommodation with a little bit of online help from the excellent Konnekt support team. All of the family who live in Australia can now call her from their computers or smart phones.

Ease of use

The Konnekt solution works because it has a rock solid operating system and physical design.

The interface is ideal for my mother-in-law because the call big buttons are so clear, there is nothing she has to remember, except that she has to touch one of the call buttons and no chance of her ‘breaking the system’.

The sound is clear and adequate for someone is has hearing problems, even when using hearing aids.

Heartfelt interactions

We can see how she is and interact with her in a much more relaxed way than through a telephone call and she can show us letters she has received. When carers come in, we can also talk to them easily and discuss issues.

Reliable and trustworthy 

We have had no internet or connection issues and Konnekt tells us if there is a rare occasion when it has been switched off, so the system has helped us have confidence in how she is going.

Hopefully her doctor will take the opportunity to make an appointment with her in future which would save her a long walk to the surgery!


Prof. Alan Taylor, Vice President Australasian Telehealth Society.

Alan Taylor

Vice President Australasian Telehealth Society

With his Mother-in-law living with no family in the UK, Alan now enjoys seeing her relaxed and is astounded with the connection and reliability of the videophone.

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