As Seen on TV

Videophone – As seen on TV – Ch. 31 and 44 with Carol O’Halloran

Fantastic Konnekt Videophone to keep you connected with your loved ones with the touch of a button

To watch the interview: Skip to 1:38 (1 minute 38 seconds) into the video

Learn about Videophone

What’s behind the world’s simplest video phone?

Introduction to Videophone

Konnekt Videophone -- Introduction

Why Videophone?

Konnekt Videophone - Easiest Seniors Phone Ever - For Those Too Busy to Visit Elderly Parents Daily

Captioning Videophone – As seen on TV – Ch. 31 and 44 with Carol O’Halloran

Hearing loss? New Technology to Keep in touch with loved ones

To watch the interview: Skip to 1:27 (1 minute 27 seconds) into the video

Learn about Captioning Videophone

An easy-to-use captioning phone and captioning video phone, all in one product

Regular Phone Calls are Captioned

Make and Receive Phone Calls with Konnekt Captioning Videophone - 2023 Update

Captioned Video Calls Enable Lip-reading

Making and Receiving a Video Call with Konnekt Captioning Videophone

Incredibly Simple Videophone

Watch the world’s easiest-to-use video phone in action. It’s simpler to use than a regular old telephone. Much simpler. And there are many tricks “under the hood”, and “in the cloud”, that make it extraordinarily easy for those who are not tech-savvy, or have memory loss or a learning impairment… as well as for their carers.

Outgoing Call

Konnekt Videophone -- Outgoing Call

Incoming Call

Konnekt Videophone -- Incoming Call

Unboxing Videophone

Konnekt Videophone Unboxing

Wi-Fi Manual Connection

Konnekt Videophone - Manually Connecting to WiFi

Backup Numbers

Konnekt Videophone -- Backup Numbers


Konnekt Videophone -- Customisation

Winner, Best Consumer Friendly Product in Aged Care, ITAC Conference

Konnekt Videophone - Best Consumer Product ITAC-2017 Awards


Konnekt Videophone Ringtones

Our Stories

Watch what our customers and our staff say below, or read what customers and medical researchers say about Konnekt and Videophone.

Baby Squirrels – from USA to UK

Adrian K: USA-UK Videophone Story - Incredible Success

Inside a Care Home

Konnekt Videophone - Your Story

My Mum & Tech Stress

Konnekt Videophone - "My Mom & Tech Stress"

Our Story

Konnekt Videophone - Our Story

Grandpa, Mum & Chelsea

Konnekt Videophone -- Grandpa, Mum & Chelsea

What our Customers Say

Konnekt Videophone customers say...


Deafness, Poor Hearing, Disabilities

Konnekt Video Phone - Serious Features For Serious Problems

Social Isolation, Dementia, Depression

Konnekt Videophone - Communication With Loved Ones

Emergencies & Remote Monitoring

Konnekt Videophone - Keeping You Safe

Seniors, Chair-bound, Bed-bound

Konnekt Videophone - Accessibility

Sales and Support Partners

bildfon Europe

Video 1: German-language customers

bildfon Bildtelefon konnekt: Was unsere Kunden sagen

bildfon Europe

Video 2: English-language customers

bildfon Videophone konnekt: What customers are saying

ESSI North America

Konnekt Videophone Promo

Aged Care Service Providers

For Aged Care

Konnekt Videophone for Aged Care

Who is Videophone For?

Konnekt Videophone: Who is it for?

Use captions to talk to a resident

Konnekt Captioning Videophone - Care Home Captioning


Make a Skype Call from your Phone

How to make a Skype call from your Smartphone