The Konnekt Vision

To enhance the lives of the elderly and disabled through the use of technology and increased human contact.

We help our customers to …

  • be more connected to their friends and loved ones
  • feel safer in their home
  • experience less loneliness and social isolation

Our Mission

Konnekt is on a mission to reduce the decline of dementia and ease the suffering of families around the world, through use of the world’s easiest-to-use video phone that meets the challenges of ageing, hearing, mobility and mentally impaired individuals.

Medical Research and Collaboration

Social isolation and loneliness are linked to poor health outcomes including depression and dementia.  Medical studies have already shown that increased social engagement, through face-to-face video calling, reduces social isolation. The studies measured a halving of depression risk and an increase in cognitive function.

Konnekt is collaborating with medical researchers in Australia and the United States. You’ll hear more about our collaboration in our News when we are permitted to make announcements about research grants, on-going studies and results.

Konnekt promotes greater social contact between older adults and their extended families. Through our associations and partnerships, we aim to educate the general public about the real dangers to mental health of leaving senior parents alone at home, or isolated in a facility, for extended periods of time with little more than weekly visits from close family.

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