Easy To Hear

Easy To Hear Phone

Talk, listen and watch with comfort from your favourite chair, anywhere in the room. The Konnekt easy to hear phone with video is LOUD and clear, adjustable, and not at all “tinny”, thanks to the two LARGE in-built speakers – MUCH bigger than the speakers in an iPad, tablet or laptop.

The ringing volume is separately adjustable and can be made EXTRA loud. When someone calls, you can hear the ringing from several rooms away – even if you’re a little hard of hearing.

We can make your Videophone EXTREMELY loud if you have trouble hearing, or softer if you must use it in a room shared with others.

Severe or profound hearing loss or deafness? Read about our new Konnekt Captioning Videophone.

Konnekt easy to hear phone with video, very loud, remotely adjustable volume and ringing

The Konnekt easy-to-hear phone with video is great for those who are hard-of-hearing. The large 15-inch (38cm) screen is big enough for you to augment your conversation with lip reading.

Friends and family can screen-share from any PC or MAC computer. They can send text by typing, or by using automatic voice-to-text (ask us how). There’s nothing at all that the Konnekt user needs to do – simply watch the text magically appear, just like captions on a movie.

If you use a hearing aid, implant or headset, Konnekt has solutions for those too. Just ask!

The sensitive microphone conveys every nuance in your speech, and lets you walk around the room and do other things while you talk in your normal voice. It can even hear sounds from another room.

A SUPER-sensitive optional external microphone is ideal for those with very soft voices, or where there is a strong need to communicate from other rooms when Videophone auto-answers trusted contacts.

  • EXTRA loud volume, LARGE speakers
  • BIG screen assists lip reading
  • Solutions available for hearing aids and headsets
  • Input for computer text-to-speech
  • Any PC/Mac can send it text & images

How does it help those with a hearing difficulty or deafness?


The Konnekt Videophone is extra loud, has customized ringing, is large enough for sign-language and lip reading, and supports hearing aids. See hearing impairment applications, or see Konnekt Disability Videophone designed specifically for those with complex needs.

NEW: See Konnekt Captioning Videophone with voice-to-text (subtitles) for severe hearing loss and deafness.