Assistive Technologies for Seniors

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Assistive Technologies for Seniors

Konnekt assistive technologies for seniors help the elderly with every day tasks. Assistive technologies restore independence, enabling older adults to live at home longer and helping residents of Aged Care facilities to improve quality of life.

When we think of assistive technologies, most people tend to think about devices that help physically, such as electric wheelchairs and stair climbers. However,  in addition to physical needs, older people also have mental, social and emotional needs.

Communication Aid is one category of assistive technologies for seniors that supports connection with community. Communication Aids enable older adults to contact friends and relatives more easily. They can hear the phone ring from around the home, and answer the phone more easily. However…

Research shows:

Those without FACE-TO-FACE contact, specifically with FAMILY or FRIENDS, at least 3 TIMES a WEEK, suffer from DOUBLE the risk of DEPRESSION

Assistive Technologies for Seniors - Big Button Phone

The Konnekt Videophone is a Communication Aid designed specifically for those with poor hearing or vision, shaky hands or dementia, or frustrated with technology. It is an assistive technology for seniors that helps satisfy social, mental and emotional needs.

In a recent survey of older adults, over 80% of seniors said that they are willing to try video calling.

Konnekt makes video calling possible – and easy – for the elderly. Videophone users report being happier, better connected to family, and more independent.

Over half of residents in nursing homes, and a good proportion of those living independently, do not see their sons, daughters and relatives often enough.

Computers, iPads and multi-function tablets (combined with a video-calling app) are often suggested and tried by well-meaning sons and daughters. Unfortunately, the tiny icons and text, unexpected pop-ups, confusing interfaces and fiddly connectors can be challenging. This leads to frustration, a feeling of stupidity, and an unwillingness to try other technologies.

In contrast, the Konnekt Videophone is an approved Assistive Technology for seniors – classed as a Communications Aid – that helps restore independence and connection to community.

Assistive Technologies – Videophone Features

  • LOUD, clear sound from two large speakers. Much louder than a tablet or PC.
  • Extra LOUD ringtone available. Hear it ring across the home.
  • LARGE 15-inch (38 cm) screen, ideal for poor vision. Much bigger than a tablet.
  • HUGE (15 cm) one-touch Call buttons. Awarded for ease-of-use by seniors.
  • Blocks unknown callers. No telemarketers or fraudsters!
  • No numbers to remember. Each Call button first dials the Contact face-to-face, then dials backup landlines.
  • Auto-answer for trusted carers. Look-in when there’s no answer, or an emergency.