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World’s First: Ethics in Engineering Standards.

Konnekt used as Case Study for IEEE Ethical Design process.

An International Standards Body has just published a standard to assist companies to navigate the tightrope of ethical values, and meet the often conflicting expectations of stakeholders.

Konnekt has been used as a Case Study by Ruth Lewis, Principal Consultant at Technology Foresight, as a practical example of the IEEE design process.

As a guest of Konnekt, you are invited to an online presentation: Learn how future designers of A.I., Health Systems and Robotics will use IEEE’s new guidelines to balance ethical requirements that can seem contradictory and impossible to resolve.

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Can an international guideline really dictate the ethical design of health systems, articifical intelligence and robotics?

Robots Guided by Standards?

IEEE 7000-2021 is a Standard Model Process for Addressing Ethical Concerns during System Design.

Finally, a recognized method is available to guide engineers, IT professionals, system designers and entrepreneurs in their quest to unleash new technology into our world.

It is expected that governments and large corporations worldwide will look to this document to insist – to their vendors – that ethical requirements be considered and prioritized in a traceable manner, from design through implementation to decommissioning.

Click here to read a summary of the new standard or reserve your copy.

Who is Technology Foresight

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Technology Foresight assists organizations in areas such as I.T., engineering, health care and Assistive Technologies, to improve their engineering processes and meet stakeholder expectations — one aspect of which is ethical values elicitation.

Ruth Lewis, Principal Consultant at Technology Foresight, actively contributed to the IEEE 7000TM-2021 standard and is Chair of the IEEE Society on Social Implications of Technology Standards Committee.

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Your Invitation to Attend Online

For the first time, the need to consider ethical requirements has been recognized at the level of international engineering standards.

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  • Learn how ethical values are elicited and prioritized
  • Watch Ruth Lewis describe the mapping of values through operation concept, value proposition and system design.
  • See examples of the trade-offs encountered, how they are navigated, and the impact on final system design.

October 7, 2021: Click here to register – it’s free for EA members.

Konnekt Featured as Case Study

In her online webinar, Ruth Lewis illustrates the practical use of IEEE 7000-2021 by walking you through critical aspects of the Konnekt Videophone design process.

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Konnekt’s original design, of course, pre-dates the standard, which was published just two weeks ago. Ruth’s case study, however, beautifully highlights some of the challenging trade-offs made during the design phase:

  • How does one balance the need for privacy with the mental-health risks of social isolation?
  • Can the need for independence ever trump the impotance of physical safety?

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