Quick-Start Guide 2018-2021

Konnekt Videophone and Konnekt Captioning Videophone, 2018 to 2021

1. Decide Where To Install

Konnekt desk or table mount video phone
  • Internet speed > 2/0.7 Mbps down/up, or 2/2 Mbps for lip reading.
  • Important: WiFi router should be in the same or next room, with WiFi signal > 75%, or use a network cable or a WiFi extender.
  • Choose a quiet room, with minimal background noise.
  • Videophone user’s face should be well lit, with no movement behind them (no trees blowing in the wind, no moving traffic, no TV).
  • Position away from other equipment (TV, PC) and safe from knocks and spills.
  • For desk/table mount, use supplied Adhesive Clamp to prevent toppling.
  • Ensure cabling does not present a trip hazard.
  • Temperature < 30 degrees C. Humidity < 80%.

2. Connect Power

Connecting power
  • Ensure your modem/router is on first.
  • Connect Videophone to power outlet.
  • Optional: If using a network cable, connect Videophone to your modem/router.
  • IMPORTANT: If you are connecting via network cable, or you have a Konnekt-supplied modem, or you have previously arranged WiFi Auto Connect, then skip to step 7.

3. Enter Configuration Mode

Konnekt Start-up Screen, highlighting the CONFIG button
  • Start Videophone
  • Wait for the horizontal progress bar to appear
  • Press and hold the CONFIG button for more than 5 seconds
  • Release the CONFIG button
  • If a CONFIG password is requested, enter it now (see printed guide)

4. Open the Network Manager

Network Manager screen
  • To display a keyboard on the screen, press ON-SCREEN KEYBOARD 
  • To display the network manager app, press CHANGE NETWORK
  • Find your WiFi network name in the list
  • Select Automatically connect to this network
  • Press Properties

5. Connect to Network

Connect to Network
  • Select Use Static DNS and Use global DNS servers
  • Select Use Encryption
  • Select encryption type; most networks are WPA 1/2 (Passphrase)
  • Enter WiFi password in Preshared key
  • Dismiss on-screen keyboard: Press X on top right of keyboard
  • Press OK
  • Press Connect
  • Watch the status on the bottom of the Network manager window
  • Optional: Test Internet access using the BROWSER
  • Optional: If your WiFi requires browser login, use on-screen keyboard to enter into the browser address bar

6. Restart Videophone

Restart Videophone
  • Press the RESTART icon
  • Press the RESTART button
  • Wait for Videophone to shutdown and then start up (1-2 minutes)
  • If an error screen appears, return to step 3, check connection and review settings
  • If the error screen persists, note the number of green and red lights or take a photo; Konnekt activation may be required
  • Please leave the Videophone powered on and connected to network

7. Contact Konnekt

Hand pointing to 15-inch Videophone set up in Japanese
  • Please contact Konnekt to finalise your setup and activate your Videophone

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