Desktop Mounting Guide

Konnekt Videophone and Konnekt Captioning Videophone

1. Prepare the Surface

  • Unfold the rear kick-stand.
  • Position the Videophone at the intended location on the desk or table.
  • Note the location of the middle of the rear of the kick-stand. Thoroughly clean and then dry the table surface there.
  • Peel cover from adhesive pad of Adhesive Desk Clamp.

2. Attach the Adhesive Clamp

Kickstand mounted using Desktop Adhesive Clamp
  • Position the Adhesive Desk Clamp underneath the kick-stand, with the lock facing away from the Videophone. Stick the clamp onto the desk or table. Push and hold for 30-60 seconds.
  • Secure the kick-stand by passing the cable clamp’s tail through the lock.
    • Tight clamp: This will inhibit movement of the Videophone, to provide the most security.
    • Less tight clamp: This will enable the user to slightly adjust the Videophone’s position.
    • Optional, for additional security and safety: Fix the cable clamp to the table using a small screw.

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