Big Button Phone

A truly simple to use

Big Button Phone

The Konnekt Big Button Phone is the world’s simplest telephone.

It’s a big button phone designed specifically for seniors and those with memory loss, hearing problems or poor eyesight, wobbly hands or misbehaving fingers, and those who might be frustrated trying to use a regular phone or tablet. The Konnekt Big Button Phone offers one-touch calling to multiple destinations, one-touch hands-free answering, and even offers face-to-face calling to family and friends.

Known as the Konnekt Videophone, it is the ultimate big button telephone for your elderly parent, grandparent or the person you care about.

Assistive Technologies for Seniors - Big Button Phone

The Konnekt Big Button phone can have two-way video and audio calls with almost any device including mobiles, iPads/tablets, computers and other Konnekt phones.  This is ideal for mitigating loneliness and social isolation. In addition, the Konnekt can also call regular landline telephones.

Konnekt can set up a Call Button to dial multiple devices and phones. This is great for calling a group of helpers in turn, or a person with one or more phone numbers and/or Skype Names who might otherwise be hard to reach. Best of all, there are no numbers or IDs to remember, whatsoever. Just one tap! Finally, a device that restores independence.

Research shows: Those without FACE-TO-FACE contact with FAMILY or FRIENDS at least 3 TIMES PER WEEK have DOUBLE the risk of DEPRESSION. Furthermore, feelings of loneliness predict dementia onset.

The Konnekt Big Button Videophone offers selective auto-answer:

Do you ever worry when you call your elderly friend or relative and they don’t answer? With Konnekt, incoming calls from only trusted Contacts that you nominate are automatically answered, after (say) thirty seconds. This enables care-givers and trusted family to check-in, to check on health and happiness, to check that there hasn’t been a fall, and — in the event of an emergency — to quickly look to see what’s wrong.

Over 65?  Australia’s Home Care Package (HCP) and similar government programs in other countries may be able to fund a Konnekt Big Button Videophone for you. Contact Us to discuss how.

Big Button Phone Specific Features

  • Big buttons up to 15cm (6 inches)
  • One-touch: Incredibly simple to use — award-winning
  • Huge 15-inch screen, extremely large text
  • Resistive touchscreen – press with absolutely anything
  • Super LOUD.
  • Shows you who is calling, blocks telemarketers and fraudsters
  • Personalization and changes included – nothing for you to do

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