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31 Mar 2017 New Konnekt partnership assists Aged Care residents:

Residents of Aged Care facilities and those living in home care who have physical difficulties can now see family and friends worldwide face-to-face, without needing to move from their bed.

Konnekt’s collaboration with bed-mount monitor-bracket firm TeleTidy provides comfort to the carers of older adults and those with a disability. Care-givers whose care-recipients are bed-bound or have movement impairments now have a solution to talk face-to-face, more often, without the need for travel.

Partnering with a local monitor-bracket manufacturer who understands our customers’ need for safe and reliable bed and ceiling attachments uniquely positions Konnekt Videophone as the communication device of choice. This enables connection with family and friends from the comfort of the user’s bed, within a facility or in their own home. A securely mounted Videophone will reduce social isolation, which is associated with high blood pressure, depression, poor sleep and other illnesses — Karl Grimm, CEO Konnekt Pty Ltd.

TeleTidy develops and sells a range of TV and monitor mounting solutions including stands, monitor arms, ceiling poles and bed brackets. Mounting to Videophone via the industry-standard VESA screw-hole pattern, TeleTidy’s brackets enable placement of Videophone within easy reach of the user’s chair, bed, table or desk — facilitating greater independence and reduced risk of falls, and thereby peace-of-mind for family members.

Some of Konnekt’s customers are mostly bed-bound, in desperate need of a way to initiate a visual call to family and friends, without having to ask for help. Our bed-mount solutions are perfect for this application, enabling fitment of Videophone to beds found in most Aged Care homes, hospitals, and the homes of people living at home but coping with a disability. TeleTidy is proud to assist in supporting a better quality of life — Darren Lowe, Owner and Manager, TeleTidy Australia.

TeleTidy can either supply a movable arm to enable Videophone to be folded out of the way when required, or a solid arm to ensure Videophone is anchored in the ideal position within easy reach.

Visit TeleTidy for advice regarding mounting a Videophone, or contact Konnekt to find out more about Videophone.

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