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30 Mar 2017 Konnekt Videophones offered by charity to aid needy seniors

Disadvantaged seniors will soon be able to talk face-to-face with family and friends worldwide, while sons and daughters will have the ability to visually check on parents’ happiness and well-being.

Charity Family Connections is raising funds to provide free one-touch video phones to the elderly at aged care facilities. Those who are most isolated will benefit from increased connection to loved ones.

Konnekt is honoured to be selected by an innovative aid organisation to assist older adults who are no longer able to live at home. Very few of those in nursing homes are visited the recommended three times a week required to prevent the health risks of social isolation. Our incredibly simple Videophone will improve quality of life of residents, enabling them to reconnect with their family and friends anywhere in the world in a way that most people take for granted — Karl Grimm, CEO Konnekt Pty Ltd.

Family Connections is working with not-for-profit homes to select older adults who will benefit most, and is developing a plan with Konnekt to deliver, install and customise the touch-screen device most efficiently in order to benefit as many families as possible.

My personal experiences with my own parents and elderly friends taught me the value of regular contact. Pensioners with impaired eyesight, hearing, dexterity or learning ability have trouble using a regular phone, let alone an iPad or tablet. Family Connections will reunite families worldwide, and help reduce the loneliness and associated depression and dementia that are prevalent in aging adults — Dodwell Keyt,  Family Connections.

Please “like & share” Family Connections to spread the word, bring joy with a personal donation, or contact Konnekt to learn about Videophone.

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