Be A Better Carer

The Elderly Face Many Challenges Which Affect Their Quality Of Life

Fallen senior visible on Konnekt Videophone

Falls and illness

  • Does your senior Mum or Dad hate the idea of moving?
  • When they don’t answer their phone, do you worry?
  • What if they forget their emergency pendant?
Puzzled senior needs Konnekt Videophone

Complicated, tiny devices

  • Fiddly icons, menus and pop-ups are confusing.
  • Scams are a scary threat, that can be very costly.
  • Many seniors simply need an easy phone.
Socially isolated old man

Social isolation & loneliness

  • Lack of face-to-face contact with family & friends 3 times a week doubles depression risk.
  • Social isolation is also linked to poor sleep, dementia, heart disease and morbidity.

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