Konnekt Планове

Konnekt има два продукта. Моля избери:

Konnekt Цени за видеофон

(Without captioning) – Bought by sons/daughters. Used by very senior adults and those with a cognitive, dexterity, mobility or vision impairment to help them live independently. Used also in Care homes to help reduce loneliness, social isolation and depression risk. Невероятно лесен за използване. Arrives personalized and already set up. Recommended by care providers and Lifestyle Activities Coordinators.

Konnekt Цени за видеофон с надписи

Designed specifically for those with deafness or hard-of-hearing, bought by users (of all ages) or their families. Fast, accurate, large captions (subtitles) to convert incoming speech to text. Use it at home or at work to make надписи телефонни разговори (без видео) или го използвайте с видео за също четене на устни и изражение на лицето. Extremely easy to use. Arrives personalized and already set up. Recommended by Audiologists, hearing-impairment associations and deafness industry bodies.