Buy, Rent or Try Captioning Videophone

  • Rent-Buy: Designed for those applying for government funding, or planning to apply
  • Purchase: Best value
  • 30-Day Trial: For those who can’t believe it could be this easy to use, fast, accurate and private

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Konnekt Captioning Videophone in a captioned call showing speech-to-text subtitles and enabling lip reading

Replace your captioned phone

  • Fast, accurate and private – no operators
  • Captioned regular calls (without video)
  • Captioned video calls — read lips
  • Divert incoming phone calls to Videophone
  • Super loud, easy to use – we set it up for you
  • Currently available with English captions – more languages coming soon, please ask

…or contact Konnekt to ask a question or to reserve your Captioning Videophone fast.

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