Give your elders the best gift for Christmas this year:
A virtual and safe visit

Is your loved one socially isolated and you are unable to visit them physically? Did you know social isolation is a risk to the wellbeing of your loved one? 

Since March 2020 many families are forced to isolate due to COVID-19. The prolonged isolation has caused a severe risk to the mental health and physical wellbeing of seniors, increasing the risk of depression. 

Medical studies showed increased face-to-face conversation combats social isolation and reduces depression risk

During the COVID-19 pandemic Konnekt Videophone has proved to be a boon for families who were not able to visit their loved ones. Staying virtually connected through the Konnekt Videophone is saving elders from feeling socially isolated and depressed.

WOW! What a wonderful day we have had, it’s almost like visiting my husband’s room in the nursing home. We’ve had virtual breakfast, lunch and dinner together. He has been visited by some of his friends and I’ve been able to thank staff who have come into his room. Since installing the Konnekt videophone, his communication has improved. I’m thrilled when he is able to pick up today on a conversation we had yesterday. THANK YOU for this wonderful gift during this otherwise stressful pandemic. It has exceeded my expectations.  

Margaret ‘Tillie’ Freeman.

Jack and Tillie North America using Videophone

Like Tillie, many customers have given their loved ones a new life with Konnekt Videophone during this stressful time.

So you may ask ‘Why is Konnekt so successful with elders?’ Our Videophone is carefully designed by the founders (who themselves experienced parents with Dementia) keeping all aspects of the device very simple not only for the user but also their carers.
  • Large 15-inch screen to ensure even if hands shake, they can comfortably press a single large button
  • One-touch call so there is no learning
  • Auto-answer for those who cannot press any button
  • Internal speakers that are very loud
  • Exceptional service so there is nothing for the carer to do. We set up the device so well that whether you are tech-savvy or not, there is nothing for you to do. Ideal for elders in residential care.
Marlene uses Konnekt Videophone

Can it really be THAT simple? Just one-touch to call?  Have a look at this Video 

Konnekt Videophone – Grandpa, Mum & Chelsea

Do calls really get automatically answered? Yes, but only for contact YOU nominate 

Konnekt Videophone - Auto-Answer Feature

Tablets don’t work – we have tried…

Do not waste your money on getting a tablet, iPad or Smartphone. Why? Because

  1. They have small screens and are filled with complicated apps
  2. Requires learning how to switch on the device, press multiple buttons to use FaceTime or WhatsApp
  3. Needs charging very frequently which is often forgotten, causing the device’s battery to die
How to improve memory loss by through mitigating the effects of memory loss using something MUCH simpler than a fiddly tablet

Konnekt Videophone has ensured every aspect of the device is simple and easy to use. The Videophone does not have complicated and unnecessary applications like games, email or news. The Videophone is designed for placing and receiving calls, making it the world’s simplest Videophone for elders.

So let the gift of virtual visits be the best gift for your loved one this Christmas. Grab Konnekt’s Christmas special offer today.

After a tough year, Konnekt is determined to make your Christmas awesome with a once-a-year Christmas offer!

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