Hearing Impaired

A Loud and Visual

Phone For The Hearing Impaired

Mild to Moderate Hearing Loss:

If you suffer from mild to moderate hearing loss and are looking for a product that will enable you to see loved ones face to face, look no further!

The Konnekt Videophone, a hearing impaired phone, has a LARGE 15 inch screen that makes communication face to face easier. The screen is much bigger than an iPad or tablet and requires no set up.

HUGE buttons make it easier to call family and friends at the touch of a button. Konnekt can set this up so you don’t need to worry about remembering numbers.

It is LOUD and clear, thanks to the two LARGE in-built speakers – MUCH bigger than the speakers in an iPad, tablet or laptop.

The volume is adjustable so if your hearing deteriorates, a quick call to Konnekt is all it takes. Need a hearing aid phone? Videophone won’t interfere. There’s a hearing aid loop output, and Auto-answer for nominated carers.

Severe hearing loss, or deafness? See our new Konnekt Captioning Videophone.

Reduce risk of depression and social isolation using the Konnekt Videophone

According to studies, face to face communication reduces depression and social isolation in older adults.

Face to face communication improves mental well being and is more beneficial for the elderly in comparison to regular phone calls. It also improves communication as they can read lips, facial expressions and emotions.

Find out more about the benefits of face to face communication and the best lip reading phone.

Konnekt Videophone – a better alternative to phone calls

The Konnekt video phone provides a better alternative to regular phone calls. It is the ideal product for elderly and suffer from hearing loss.

  • The large 38cm screen is big enough for you to lip read, use sign language, or read text.
  • In addition, your contacts can screen-share from practically any mobile phone, tablet or computer, so they can display text, photos or a browser to your Konnekt. At your end, there’s nothing at all that you need to do – just watch the show! 
  • The Konnekt Videophone is much louder than standard tablets or iPads. Plus there is no need to worry about fiddly buttons or set ups, we do it all for you.
  • We can make your Videophone EXTREMELY loud if you have trouble hearing, or softer if you must use it in a room shared with others.
  • The ringing volume is separately adjustable and can be made EXTRA loud. When someone calls, you can hear the ringing from several rooms away – even if you’re a little hard of hearing.
  • The sensitive microphone conveys every nuance in your speech, and lets you walk around the room and do other things while you talk in your normal voice. It will also hear you call for help from another room.
  • If you use a hearing aid, you can plug a hearing-aid loop into the standard 3.5mm audio output socket.

Videophone is ideal for those who are hard of hearing. For those who suffer from mild to moderate hearing loss, it enables face to face communication not possible through regular phone calls.

Videophone with Faces on buttons

Konnekt Videophone

  • Large 15 inch screen
  • Extra loud – hear it ring from another room
  • Huge buttons – called loved ones from the click of a button
  • Read lips, facial expressions, emotions
  • Customised based on your needs

Severe or Profound Hearing Loss:

Improve communication by upto 45% through lip reading

According to research by University College London, lip reading can increase the quality of communication by 30-45%. For those that suffer from severe and profound hearing loss, it proves beneficial while communicating as it helps fill in the gaps. 

However, this is not useful during phone calls as they are unable to read lips or see emotions and expressions. It is also incredibly difficult to gauge this on smaller screens as the small size makes it tough to read lips. 

Using sign language and gestures also proves difficult through the phone and limits the communication.

Captioning Videophone – A boon for those with severe and profound hearing loss

The Konnekt Captioning Videophone is the perfect solution for those with severe hearing loss or deafness.

  • It has a LARGE 15 inch screen that makes it easy to communicate face to face
  • Fast and automatic captions (speech to text) start automatically when you start talking
  • The captions are automatic and provide complete privacy 
  • Features an on-screen keypad for dialling numbers
  • Extra LOUD sound from 2 built in speakers
Gran uses her Videophone to talk face-to-face to her granddaughter, with lip-reading and voice-to-text

Captioning Videophone 

  • Automatic voice-to-text captions (subtitles)
  • Private captions with no operator 
  • Read lips, facial expressions, emotions
  • Use sign language 
  • On screen keypad for dialling numbers
  • Multiple languages supported*

Hearing Impairment Phone

Konnekt Video Phone - Serious Features For Serious Problems


Konnekt Disability Videophone can turn on lights in other rooms or vibrate a pocket device whenever someone rings! Ask us how.

Hearing Impaired Specific Features

  • Captions (speech to text) let you read what your caller is saying 
  • Face-to-face calls with friends and family. Reduces social isolation.
  • Loud and hi-fidelity sound from two large, in-built speakers. Much louder than tablets or laptops.
  • Especially loud ringtone available, audible across many rooms.
  • Audio output for hearing aid loop.
  • Audio input from a speech generating device (or any computer).
  • Huge 38cm screen. Ideal for sign language / lip reading.
  • Auto-answer option for trusted carers. Reduce their worry when you can’t hear the call.

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