Speech Impairment

A Sensitive and Visual

Speech Impairment Phone

Talk face-to-face with loved ones EASILY. The Konnekt Videophone, a speech impairment phone, provides detailed two-way video for non-verbal communication, which can convey as much as 80% or more of intent and meaning.

Those with a speaking difficulty, speech disorder, speaking impediment, aphasia or a very soft voice can often feel lonely. Social isolation and loneliness are linked to numerous mental and physical health problems. However, recent research suggests that video calling can lower social isolation and halve the risk of depression!

The Konnekt phone has a large 15-inch (38cm) screen and built-in camera to assist the mute and speaking impaired with one-way or two-way lip reading and sign language, such as AusLan, European and American sign language.

Two-way video can also carry body language, nods, and signs of comprehension and understanding such as head tilts, eyebrow movements and facial expressions. Moreover, the face communicates emotion (they say our eyes are our window to the soul). Sharing a smile is easy and has been shown to actually increase happiness.

Many elderly with speaking problems need a Speech impairment phone

The Konnekt speech impairment videophone features a standard 3.5mm audio input socket. Plug in any speech generator, or an iPad/tablet, mobile phone or computer, to send generated voice, or simply place the device nearby.

The in-built microphone is sensitive enough to convey every nuance of your speech. It can also hear you call for help from another room — this is an ideal feature, when used with auto-answer, for those who are elderly, in danger of falling, or who may require emergency assistance from a care-giver.

An optional plug-in microphone offers even greater sensitivity for those with aphasia or a soft voice.

Konnekt’s video phone for those with a speaking disorder has an adjustable microphone sensitivity, speaker volume and ringing volume. Each can be customized and set independently. Just contact Konnekt and we’ll change it for you, remotely, without the need for anyone to visit.

The Konnekt speech impairment phone (video phone) includes a one-touch user interface that’s incredibly easy to use, even for those who are elderly or have difficulty using modern gadgets.

Konnekt’s Videophone is a perfect companion to any captioning telephone, enabling the user to separately enter text into the captioning phone, while — at the same time — using sign language, reading lips or simply observing body language and facial expressions via Videophone’s large screen.

Similarly, Videophone can be used with a sign-language relay service, such as the National Relay Service (Video Relay Service) in Australia or any of the sign language services in North America, Europe and worldwide.

Speech Impairment Specific Features

  • Simple face-to-face calls with friends and family
  • Communicate with regular flash cards, iconic/Bliss symbols and pictures
  • Sketch or write on paper, and show
  • Audio input socket for speech generating device or tablet/iPad/PC
  • Remote-adjustable high-sensitivity microphone and powerful speakers
  • Huge 15-inch screen. Ideal to convey sign language / lip reading / body language.
  • Use with a Video Relay sign language translation service, or any text-to-speech device or app
  • Auto-answer for nominated care-givers

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