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  • Carer: Receive hints and tips for helping care for someone, including medical studies, new assistive technologies, and information about government funding for seniors and those living with memory loss, diminished cognitive function, dementia or a disability.
  • Service Provider: Receive articles aimed at Health Professionals, including medical studies and information for providers of In-Home Care, Aged Care services or Residential Care; Plan Managers; Support Managers; and LifeStyle Coordinators.
  • Videophone: Learn about new Videophone features, improve video call quality, and hear how others are using Videophone. Written for our customers and their families.
  • Hearing: Get updates about new product features/options for people with deafness or who are hard-of-hearing, about Konnekt captioning phones and alternatives, and occasional news/articles about Audiology, deafness and hearing.
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