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Lifeline during isolation

Captioning Videophone is used by people of all ages (from 6 to 106 years old) who have a hearing impairment and possibly other medical conditions or personal needs. It can be used for standard phone calls (with sound only), as well as face-to-face video calls (if desired) with your closer friends, relatives and colleagues worldwide.

Captioning Videophone requires zero set-up. It’s personalized for you and ready to use.

The combination of loud and clear sound, the ability to read lips and facial expressions (with optional video calling), and automatic captioning (also known as subtitles or voice-to-text), makes it the ideal communication device for those who may need more than a regular phone or computer tablet.

Urgent need or questions?

Call your nearest Konnekt reseller via our contact page. Or read what others say, watch product videos, or see our Captioning Videophone FAQ.