How to get Skype for Desktop

Skype for Desktop: Getting Started

If you have a desktop or laptop and your friend or relative uses a Konnekt Videophone, you can talk FACE-TO-FACE using the Skype for desktop or laptop app.

This page explains how to get started on Skype, step-by-step, using your desktop or laptop.

Click here for more information on how to download Skype on iPhone.


This tutorial will show you how to:

  1. Get the Skype app on a laptop

  2. Create an account using your email address

  3. Find Konnekt on Skype

  4. Call and talk face-to-face!

Before you get started

Before you download Skype, you will need to ensure the following:

  • Your desktop or laptop has sufficient battery and is fully charged
  • Your desktop or laptop is connected to stable Wi-Fi
  • You have a valid email (This is required to sign up to Skype)

Make sure you have checked all the above mentioned things before downloading Skype.

Get Skype on Laptop

Instructions (using Mac as an example)

1. Get the Skype app (it’s free* and uses only a little data)
  • Connect your Wi-Fi to Desktop or Laptop to get started.
  • Check whether you have Skype for Desktop. If you are using Mac, press on Launchpad on bottom-left of the screen to look for Skype.
  • If you don’t have one, download Skype from your Laptop Browser (e.g Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer, etc).
  • Type in ‘Download Skype on Laptop’ in your browser search bar.
  • Click on the first emerging result.
  • The webpage will then show ‘Skype for Desktop’ . In drop-down menu option, choose the option based on your device used. For example, click on ‘Get Skype for Mac’ if you use Mac.
  • Wait for download: It may take a few minutes.
  • Click on the download results. Depending on the device used, Mac will ask you to click on ‘Skype’ and drag (by holding your click) it towards ‘Applications’.
  • Click on Launchpad and Open Skype app. Wait.

2. Create an Account (If you already have an account, sign in and skip to step 3. Get in Touch with Konnekt).

  • Open Skype app: It should be already open from the last step. If not, then from your home screen or Launchpad. Touch it to open.
  • Create Account: Click on Create one!
  • Use Email Address instead*: Enter the email address you want to register with Skype. Touch Next. (Alternatively, you can use your phone number rather than the email address).
  • Name: Enter your First name and Surname. Touch Next.
  • Verify your email*: Wait for a verification code to be sent to your email. Go into your email and note this code. 
  • Enter code: Enter the 4-digit code. Press Next. Wait for verification.
  • Solve the puzzle: You will be asked to solve a simple puzzle. Click Done once finished.
  • Expand your screen so that Skype app can display a larger view.
  • Upload your photo: You can upload your photo by clicking on ‘Picture icon’, then press Continue. (Alternatively, touch ‘Skip’ on top right if you choose skip this step).
  • Test your audio: You can test your microphone, then Press Continue. (If your microphone doesn’t work, Skype will provide you instructions to change your Desktop settings so that your microphone is working properly).
  • Click OK after reading Skype’s suggestions to search contact easily.
3. Get in touch with Konnekt  
  • Click on Contacts on left side of your screen, then click on ‘New Contacts’.
  • Type ‘konnekt_000’ in ‘Find People’ search bar on ‘Add a new contact’,  then click ‘Add’ on the emerging search result (Konnekt Pty Ltd).
  • Say Hi to connect with us.
  • We can help you with setting up contacts and making calls.

Need help? See our FAQ or Contact Us for assistance.

* Note that this process ties Skype to your email address so when you login to Skype on another device such as your computer, you’ll need access to your email to receive a security code.


Note that Konnekt does not represent Skype, Apple or any other third party companies.