Quick-Start Guide

Konnekt Videophone and Konnekt Captioning Videophone (from 2022)


If you wish, you may ignore these instructions and simply contact us.

1. Decide Where To Install

Konnekt desk or table mount video phone
  • Internet speed > 2/0.7 Mbps down/up, or 2/2 Mbps for lip reading.
  • Ensure the WiFi signal is strong, or use a network cable or a WiFi extender.
  • Choose a quiet room with minimal background noise.
  • The user’s face should be well lit, with no movement or strong lighting behind them.
  • Position away from other equipment (TV, PC) and safe from knocks and spills.
  • For desk/table mount, use supplied Adhesive Clamp to prevent toppling.
  • Ensure cabling does not present a trip hazard.
  • Temperature < 30 degrees C. Humidity < 80%.

2. Connect Power

Connecting power
  • Ensure your modem/router is on first.
  • Connect Videophone to power outlet.
  • Optional: If using a network cable, connect Videophone to your modem/router.
  • IMPORTANT: If you are connecting via network cable, or you have a Konnekt-supplied modem, or you have previously arranged WiFi Auto Connect, then skip to step 7.

3. Enter Configuration Mode

Slide finger left and right on CONFIG button
  • Start Videophone and wait for the horizontal progress bar
  • Press and hold the CONFIG button for more than 5 seconds
  • IMPORTANT: Tap and maintain contact, while sliding your finger left and right on the button
    (this prevents accidental access to the Configuration screen)
  • Release the CONFIG button
  • If a configuration password is requested, enter it now (see printed guide)

4. Select Network

Network list
  • To display a keyboard, press ON-SCREEN KEYBOARD 
  • To display the list of networks, press CHANGE WiFi
  • Find and select your network name in this list
  • For more options, press ADVANCED NETWORKING

5. Connect to Network

Password entry and active network display
  • If prompted for a password: Touch or press in the password-entry area. Enter your WiFi password. Press OK.
  • Press Change WiFi again. Verify that your network name now appears within Active Connections.

To check or edit your connection details:

  • Press ADVANCED NETWORKING, then Edit Connections
  • Select your network in the list, then the Settings (cog wheel) icon, then WiFi Security
  • If required, move the on-screen keyboard using the 4-arrow key at the right of the keyboard
  • Optional: Test Internet access using the BROWSER
  • Optional: If your WiFi requires browser login, try using the on-screen keyboard to enter into the browser address bar. Contact Support for assistance.

6. Restart Videophone

  • Press the RESTART icon
  • Press the RESTART button
  • Wait for Videophone to shutdown and then start up (1-2 minutes)
  • If an error screen appears, return to step 3, check connection and review settings
  • If the error screen persists, note the number of green and red lights or take a photo; Konnekt activation may be required
  • Please leave the Videophone powered on and connected to network

7. Contact Konnekt

Hand pointing to 15-inch Videophone set up in Japanese
  • IMPORTANT: Please contact us to finalise your setup and activate your Videophone

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