Skype for Elderly

The world’s simplest way to use

Skype for the Elderly

Skype is an application owned by Microsoft that allows people to video call anywhere using an Internet connection.

Skype is free to download and easy to use. You are also able to subscribe to be able to call regular phones and send SMS text messages.

Setting up Skype for a senior

  • Its recommended that Skype is set-up on an iPad, Android tablet or computer for an elderly person because mobile phones are small and tend to not be as loud as other devices
  • If your parent struggles finding or recognising the Skype icon, try removing all other icons from the screen, and placing the Skype app in an easily accessible area
  • Turn off automatic updates and unwanted alerts to reduce pop-ups and unfamiliar reminders
  • Keep the device on charge so it does not go flat
  • Restrict the ability for the volume to be changed; this can be found in Settings

There are other video-calling apps which offer similar features to Skype that you may be more familiar with. Although we strongly recommend you use Skype, here’s how to make FaceTime easy for seniors and how to make WhatsApp easy for seniors.

Accessibility options

Look in Settings for Accessibility options. We recommend:

  • Larger Text Sizes – Give Skype BIG text
  • Zoom – Increase size just when you need it
  • Flash for Alerts – Helpful for the hearing-impaired

An even easier way

Konnekt makes it incredibly easy for the elderly to use Skype to see and talk to their loved ones, friends and care providers.

The Konnekt video phone talks to anyone worldwide via Skype but has the world’s easiest user interface. It won Best Consumer Product in Aged Care. Most Konnekt users are seniors between 80 and 98, or would have difficulty using a mobile phone, tablet or computer.

Videophone also calls regular telephones but is vastly easier to use than even the simplest telephone.

Our customers are the adult children of very old adults, as well as Aged Care service providers. They ask:

Can Konnekt Videophone really be simple enough for my 98-year-old who has memory loss and forgets to wear glasses and hearing aid?


Konnekt Videophone – World’s easiest way to use Skype

Easy-to-use phone with video for Skype phone calls and Skype video calls with one button press to make Skype for elderly simple

Konnekt Videophone comes with unbelievable service: Personalization. Setup and management of the Skype account. Contact invitations. Delivery. Best of all, I.T. Support: When Gran’s Internet or your device has a problem, we’ve got your back.

Need more buttons? Increase volume? Konnekt does it for you. Remotely.

Konnekt even helps relatives and friends get onto Skype, and tests with them. Imagine: Your whole family happily using Skype on their mobile and home gadgets, and you don’t have to convince them or show them how!

Reduce dementia, depression risk

Video calling is shown to increase cognitive ability in the elderly in just 6 weeks. Dementia is a horrible, slow death.

Face-to-face contact with family and friends, less than 3 times a week, doubles depression risk. How often do you visit?

Need more reasons?

Reducing social isolation and loneliness is also linked to better sleep, lower blood pressure, healthy habits, lower morbidity. Even performance in daily activities, like walking. See the studies.

Is there a better present for your elderly parent than seeing family, staying healthier, being happier?

I.T. Guys HATE us

Finally, seniors can use Skype easily, with zero computer skills.

No support calls (“my tablet has a pop-up / went flat”). Just smiles.

  • UNPACK. Plug in to power. That’s all. Really!
  • LARGE screen, much bigger than fiddly tablets.
  • LOUD. Many elderly dislike their hearing aid.
  • HUGE one-press buttons. Glasses not required.
  • HIDDEN. Everything else. Super easy!
  • AUTOMATIC answering of trusted contacts.
  • UPDATES. Silent, overnight, automatic.
  • MANAGED. Account. Subscriptions. Software.
  • UNLIMITED calls. To phones, too. No surprises.
  • CHANGES. We do them for you. Remotely. We have to. Australia is a long swim.

With a Konnekt, Skype for elderly users is super simple.

What are you waiting for? They’re not getting any younger.

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Note that Konnekt does not represent Skype or Microsoft.