Skype for iPhone: Getting Started

Skype for iPhone: Getting Started

If you have an iPhone and your friend or relative uses a Konnekt Videophone, you can talk FACE-TO-FACE using the Skype for iPhone app.

This page explains how to get started on Skype, step-by-step, using your iPhone.

To Get Skype on iPhone, visit our page for step by step instructions: Get Skype for iPhone

This tutorial will show you how to:

  1. Get the Skype app
  2. Create an account
  3. Invite a Videophone user to be a Skype Contact
  4. Call and talk face-to-face!


  1. Get the Skype app (it’s free* and uses only a little data)
    • App Store: From your home screen, swipe sideways to find the App Store icon. Touch it to open.
    • Search: Press the Search magnifying glass at bottom right.
    • Find “Skype”: Touch the App Store search area near the top left, just to the right of the magnifying glass. Type the word Skype.
    • Select “Skype for iPhone”: Touch “skype for iphone”. It’s usually second in the list. (For iPads, touch “skype for ipad”).
    • Get the app: Touch the GET button on the right. (If you’ve downloaded the app before, the button will be a download cloud). If you already see OPEN, skip the next step.
    • Wait for download: It may take a few minutes. Wait for the OPEN button to appear.
    • Open the app: Touch the OPEN button. Wait.
  2. Create an Account (If you already have an account, sign in and skip to Invite Videophone User).
    • Open Skype app: It should be already open from the last step. If not, then from your home screen, swipe left to find the Skype icon. Touch it to open.
    • Create Account: Touch the Create Account button.
    • Mobile number*: Select the country of your mobile number. Enter your mobile phone number (the leading zero is optional). Touch Next. (Alternatively, you can use your email address rather than mobile number).
    • Name: Enter your First name and Surname. Touch Next.
    • SMS: Wait for a text message to arrive on your mobile. Read it and note the 4-digit security code. (Close the message or wait for it to hide).
    • Enter code: Enter the 4-digit code. Press Next. Wait for verification.
    • Skip Theme: You should see “Choose a Theme”. At top right, touch Skip.
    • Skip Contact Sync: You should see “Sync your contacts”. At top right, touch Skip.
    • Almost there: You should see “Almost there!”. At bottom right, touch the right arrow.
    • Microphone: Skype would like to access the microphone. Touch OK.
    • Camera: Skype would like to access the camera. Touch OK.
    • Notifications: Skype would like to send you notifications (to  receive calls). Touch Allow.
    • Colours: You’ll see “Colour Your World”. Swipe up, then at the top, touch Close cards or hide cards.
  3. Invite Videophone User
    • Contacts: Touch the very small head in a box near the top right, to open Contacts.
    • Skype Contacts: Touch the Skype tab near the top in the middle. (If you already see the Videophone user’s name, it means that you already had a Skype account and you have already been invited; touch the name, accept the invitation, send a short message and skip to Call face-to-face below).
    • Search Skype: Touch the Search Skype search area near the middle.
    • Enter Videophone User: Enter the Skype Name of the Videophone user. It would have been emailed to you, or else you can Contact Us.
      Alternatively, if the user’s name is unique or quite rare, you can try entering their full name (first name and last name).
    • If you DO have the Videophone user’s Skype Name:
      • View Profile: In the list (there may be only one entry), find the Videophone user’s Full Name / Skype Name. Long-press it. Touch View profile.
      • Add Contact: Scroll down. Touch Add contact.
      • Exit Profile: Press the ‘x’ (exit) button at top left.
      • Send short message: Enter a message at the bottom, such as “Hi”. To send it, touch the blue aeroplane or right-arrow at the right.
      • Inform KonnektContact Us to let us know that you’ve invited the Videophone user to be your contact, so that we can add you as a Videophone contact.
        If successful, skip to step 4.
    • If you have trouble inviting the Videophone user, or don’t have an email from Konnekt with the Videophone user’s Skype Name, then…
      Find your own Skype Name, and send it to Konnekt:
  • Initials: From within the Skype app, on the main screen, touch your initials in the circle at top middle.
  • Settings: Touch the settings cog at top right.
  • Skype Name: Find and touch the Skype Name, towards the bottom. (Your Skype Name might start with “cid-“). A menu will appear…
  • Copy: Touch Copy to copy your Skype Name.
  • Home: Press the Home button (usually on the iPhone’s frame at bottom centre) to return to your Home screen.
  • Email or call Konnekt: Open your Email app, long press in the compose area, and select Paste to paste your Skype Name into the message. Send it to Konnekt. Alternatively, visit Konnekt’s Contact-Us page to send us your Skype Name via our web form. Alternatively, open the Notes app, paste your Skype Name, (save the Note), phone Konnekt, and read out your Skype Name.
  • Call face-to-face
    • Select Videophone user: If you see a list of chats or a list of contacts, touch the Videophone user’s name.
    • Data usage: Skype uses just a little Internet data. Mobile data rates may apply.
    • Good Wi-Fi / Internet: If you’re on Wi-Fi, get close to the Wi-Fi modem/router. Try to stop other Internet usage. If you’re using your mobile phone’s data service rather than Wi-Fi, go outside or near a window.
    • Lighting: Ensure your face is well lit. No background lighting or movement.
    • Call, with video: Touch the camera near the top right. It looks like a small box with a lens (arc) on one side.
    • No answer? It’s possible the Videophone user is in another room, asleep, or out. To keep Videophone incredibly simple, it won’t do video/voicemail or text messages. Call again later.
    • Take turns talking: Unless you’re wearing a headset or earphones, it’s best to speak one at a time.

Need help? See our FAQ or Contact Us for assistance.

* Note that this process ties Skype to your mobile phone so when you login to Skype on another device such as your computer, you’ll need your mobile with you to receive a security code.