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Konnekt is experiencing increased demand from families and Aged Care homes impacted by COVID-19 restrictions. If your parent or client is at risk of social isolation and loneliness, we strongly advise to reserve a Videophone early.

Videophone can be installed by anyone, anywhere: Family members, care givers including the aged care staff simply need to unbox Videophone and plug it into any power outlet.

Videophone Can Help…

Social isolation & loneliness

World's Simplest Video Phone Price available - Buy, rent or try - designed to help reduce social isolation and loneliness for seniors, disabled, dementia
  • Lack of face-to-face contact with family & friends 3 times per week DOUBLES risk of depression.
  • Social isolation is also linked to poor sleep, dementia, heart disease and morbidity.

June’s Videophone reduced her loneliness. She now sees her interstate family and overseas friends often, without the travel!

Falls and illness

What if Gran falls or falls ill? - World's Simplest Video Phone Price available - Buy, rent or try Videophone - reduces your worry. Seniors Webcam for remote monitoring too. Great complement for an emergency pendant bracelet panic button.
  • Does the person you care about dread the need to move?
  • Do you worry when they don’t answer the phone?

Graham had fallen, but Videophone auto-answered his son’s call. Seeing his Dad needed help, he called out and comforted him. His Dad was relieved to see his son’s face, and watched him call for help.

Fiddly, complicated devices

World's Simplest Video Phone Price available - MUCH simpler than phone or fiddly tablets / iPad for Grandma
  • Teaching the person you care about a tablet PC or mobile is frustrating.
  • Logins, menus, pop-ups and fiddly little icons make them feel stupid.
  • Online scammers are a costly and terrifying threat to the vulnerable.

Wendy says her Videophone is secure and simpler than a telephone.

Prices and Options

Konnekt Video Phone

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Ask us about government funding for aged care, dementia, disability, workplace modifications or home care. You might be able to buy, rent or trial at little or no out-of-pocket cost.

Videophone is available worldwide including Australia, USA, Canada, UK, Europe, Israel, Africa, New Zealand, Japan and Asia.

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