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27 Oct 2016 Independent Living Centre WA (ILC) installs Konnekt Videophone:

Australians with disability, older people and their families can now try the Konnekt Videophone and watch a staff demonstration at ILC’s Nedlands Centre, which displays a range of assistive equipment and technology.

Soon after the successful installation of Videophone at ILC display centres in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane, west-coast residents called Konnekt to experience the video-calling appliance first-hand.

Our on-going partnership with the Independent Living Centres positions Videophone as an appliance more important than the home phone for reducing the social isolation of older adults and those with an impairment — Mr Karl Grimm, CEO Konnekt Pty Ltd.

Konnekt’s easy-to-use video phone enables those with a mental or physical impairment to see their loved ones, FACE-TO-FACE, as often as they want without worrying about call costs. The extra-simple and LARGE one-touch screen, BIG buttons, extra LOUD speakers and prosthetic-friendly resistive touch-screen make Videophone perfect for those coping with learning difficulties, restricted movement, shaky hands, poor eyesight or poor hearing.

Konnekt was very responsive and kindly provided a Videophone. I’d encourage Perth locals to visit us to see it. We can make two-way video calls to our iPad here, or to Konnekt’s head office in Melbourne.  It really is very easy to use and would help those living independently or within an Aged Care home — Nicole De Faria, ILC WA Customer Services Officer.

Visit your nearest ILC to try Videophone and learn how it helps the social isolated, or contact Konnekt.

Konnekt easy to hear phone with video, very loud, remotely adjustable volume and ringing
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