Konnekt is best aged-care product finalist

Konnekt Videophone Selected Best Product in Aged Care

31 Aug 2017 Videophone chosen as a best aged-care product:

Aged Care professionals now recognize Konnekt’s innovation as the consumer choice for older people in home, residential, and retirement living.

The Videophone was selected as a finalist for this year’s ITAC Awards in the category of best consumer-friendly product, and is lining up to win the coveted grand prize.

The Aged Care Industry IT Council (ACIITC) prestigious awards embrace companies demonstrating a focus on Consumer Choice and Quality. Konnekt is proud to be among the few companies that represent the peak contribution to elderly care professionals, older adults and their care-providers.

Being chosen for “best consumer-friendly product” is an honour and reinforces our mission. Most of our users live alone or isolated from family in residential care. They appreciate the independence and connection to the community that Videophone brings them. At every design decision, we ask ourselves, “could a 90-year-old with low vision, poor hearing and shaky hands use this?”  — Karl Grimm, Managing Director, Konnekt Pty Ltd.

Videophone comes with complementary services including installation, setup, personalization, unlimited face-to-face calls, unlimited calls to regular / backup telephones, remote changes and customization (no visit required), video and phone support, and Internet in selected areas.

Even our setup and services are designed for sons/daughters, who themselves may be over 50 and do not want to become “The IT Guy”.  — John Nakulski, Marketing Director, Konnekt Pty Ltd.

Konnekt is able to help approved customers buy, rent or try Videophone using Aged Care or disability government funding, or a zero-interest loan.

Aged Care facilities are using Videophone to brighten the lives of residents, reduce unwanted behaviours and the risk of depression, and differentiate their rooms. Lifestyle Activity Coordinators / Managers are also asking Konnekt to setup Videophones for groups of residents as a high-value activity in shared areas, both as a first step towards learning about Videophone, and to help seniors enjoy face-to-face contact with their families in a fun group setting.

Visit our awards page, watch our videos to see how easy Videophone really is, or contact Konnekt to learn how Videophone can help those you care about.

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