Seniors Videophone

World’s easiest

Seniors Video Phone

The Konnekt Videophone is the world’s first and only seniors video phone appliance that truly requires zero training. It’s ideal for the elderly and those with memory loss. It gives older adults a better quality of life.

  • Improve health: Regular use helps reduce dementia and depression risk.
  • Be the best carer: If you can’t visit daily, you can now virtual-visit daily.
  • Peace of mind: Check on health, visually. Make sure they haven’t fallen.

Konnekt Videophone has helped our users either live independently for longer, or better manage the transition into aged care. The elderly are surprised and delighted that they can initiate a face-to-face call with their children and grandchildren.

Videophone is life-changing

Those living alone or in aged care spend, on average, as little as 3 minutes a day in conversation with others, let alone with family. Konnekt changes that. Videophone brings family together — during special occasions, while the grandkids play, while you’re commuting or shopping, even while family is cooking or enjoying a meal. It’s truly life-changing. Read what our customers say.

Konnekt Video Phone

Konnekt Video Phone

Much more than a product

“But who will set it up and maintain it?”

Konnekt does it all: Setup of names and call buttons. Personalization – volume, auto-answer, language, everything. Even help with specialized installation and Internet. We get your whole family setup on Skype, and test with them to help ensure each and every call will be incredibly good quality. Need to add a contact or change a button? We do that for you, without the need for anyone to visit. We provide complete I.T. support, we help you with Internet issues, and we even help the family with their problems.

Now, you can just get on with being a fantastic son, daughter or care-provider.

Konnekt Seniors Video Phone – One Press to Answer

Konnekt Videophone – Incoming Call

Incredibly easy

Videophone is incredibly easy.

So easy, Konnekt won the award Best Consumer Product in Aged Care.

Finally, our elderly parents can make and receive video calls, without the complexity of a video-call app.

You’ll love it, too. There’s nothing for you to configure, maintain, fix or change – ever. Konnekt does it all for you. We even get your family members using Skype!

The 3 things seniors care about

Health, family, independence. All in one product/service:


Videophone actually helps improve health:

  • Dementia. Studies show that frequent calls, but only face-to-face calls, increase cognitive ability after just 6 weeks and help arrest the decline.
  • Social isolation. Videophone helps end it. Research clearly links being alone, and lonely feelings, to poor sleep, high blood pressure and morbidity.
  • Depression: OHSU studies show that only face-to-face contact (specifically with family and friends) halves depression risk.

Imagine, giving ‘Gran’ a present that makes her happier and healthier.


Videophone reconnects family:

  • More love and care: Be the best care-giver you can be. Be there virtually. See each other more often.
  • Reduce worry: When you call Videophone, what if there’s no answer? After ringing, it can answer automatically, with 2-way video and sound. Or they can decline your call and have a private moment. No loss of independence, but you get to check in. Only nominated, trusted carers, such as sons, daughters and perhaps service providers.
  • Bring the family together: Distant family and friends can visit without the travel. One-on-one calls, worldwide. Group calls, in high-quality. All incredibly simple for the Videophone user!

Imagine, Gran receiving a call on her birthday, and seeing ALL her kids and grandkids — including those at work or far away.


Videophone restores independence and self-confidence:

  • Simplicity: Everything about Konnekt and Videophone is delightfully simple. Easier than an old-fashioned telephone. Easier than a kettle. Seniors are surprised to be able to use an Internet device, delighted that it does something they actually want. (“Sh, don’t tell them it uses the Internet, they won’t want it.”)
  • No training, zero frustration: “Mother, see if you can figure out how to call Penny.” (Penny is the interstate daughter). “Oh, I couldn’t do that. I don’t know. There’s a Penny button. I suppose I press that?” “I’m not telling. Try it.” Gran presses the Penny button. “Oh, it shows that we’re calling Penny…” Penny answers. “Oh, now it shows that we’re talking to Penny”. Penny’s face appears, Penny says hi to her mother. Smiles all round. They talk about grandkids, vacations, family, old friends. Penny says goodbye. “I just talked to Penny!” <Ring ring.> “Gosh, what now?” “I’m not telling.” “There’s a call from Penny. I suppose I press ANSWER?” (We remain silent). “Oh, it’s Penny again!” See Videophone in action.
  • Set them up to succeed: That very first face-to-face call is important. Absolutely vital. It must be easy, successful, and result in a friendly and natural conversation. That’s why we test first with as many contacts as possible. We sort out their issues with lighting, with Wi-Fi, even which way to hold their device. We even have a handy call-quality guide. We advise contacts to ask fun questions, to talk about the good times, about people that “Gran” loves. We know, from bitter experience, that if the first two or three calls are mediocre, video calling will never be loved.

Self-esteem vanishes when they can no longer use a gadget to see their grand-kids. With Videophone, there’s nothing to forget, yet there’s a huge feeling of accomplishment each time they initiate or answer a call, rewarded by the smiling face of a loved one or friend.

Some of our users need help with daily chores, with cooking and cleaning, even with showering. Never with Videophone! If they can no longer reach the screen, we have solutions for that too. We’ve thought of everything because… well… that’s how we’d want it for our own parents.

Konnekt Videophone Bridges the Gap

Being able to see Dad bridges the gap of living so far away. Konnekt Videophone makes it possible to relax and stay in touch when I am working anywhere around the world.

— Mal Christie, Loving Son

Much easier than a tablet

Tablets often end up as TDFs (Top Drawer Fillers). Seniors forget how to use them, forget to charge them, misplace them, drop them, leave them in a room where they can’t hear them, take them to a room where Wi-Fi is mediocre, accidentally mute them, change settings, and become scared of pop-ups. The tablet becomes unusable. Maturing vision, hearing and dexterity are the enemies of fiddly 10-inch tablets. Sorry, we don’t take trade-ins!

Simple for family, too

Most of our customers (the sons, daughters, carers and support people) don’t want to fiddle with gadgets. We make it super simple for you as well! Thanks to Konnekt Support, you never have to play the “I.T. Guy.” Konnekt does it all for you. Even if it’s months after your purchase… a problem with Internet, power, lighting, staff pulling plugs… we’ve encountered it all before, and we take care of it, almost always without you having to visit. How? Videophone is clever enough to turn itself off and on every night to stay super reliable. It can even restart the modem to bring it back to life. If there is a short Internet outage during a call, the call reconnects. And our technical and support staff have a bag of tricks; they can disable the power switch if required, they can tell you if someone unplugs it some Friday nights, they can help you improve your Wi-Fi, and they’ll walk you (or a friendly helper) through the process of selecting and plugging in a Wi-Fi extender.

Registered Assistive Technology

The Konnekt Seniors Video Phone is a registered Assistive Technology, classed as a Communication Aid. It’s recognized as a powerful tool for helping older adults connect to community, to regain control of their lives, and to remain living independently for longer.

Greater safety

Videophone blocks scammers, telemarketers and other unknown callers. No more unwanted calls or scams.

Seniors Video Phone Features

  • World’s EASIEST video-calling. One button press to call or answer. No menus, pages, logins, pop-ups.
  • RELIABLE: Calls any device worldwide, via Skype: longest-running video-calling platform.
  • EASY TO SEE: 15-inch screen. MUCH bigger than a fiddly tablet. As big as a real face.
  • EASY TO PRESS: Huge 6-inch Call buttons. Wider than your hand.
  • EASY TO HEAR: Two large built-in speakers. SUPER LOUD option. Much louder than tablets.
  • NO MISSED CALLS: Especially LOUD ringtone available, audible across a big home.
  • BACKUP: If Videophone can’t reach your mobile or tablet/PC, it calls your landline telephone.
  • SAFE: Unknown caller blocking. No telemarketers or fraudsters!
  • EMERGENCIES: Can auto-answer trusted carers, when there’s no answer. Visual check, without privacy intrusion.
  • INDEPENDENCE: Seniors are surprised they can use it, delighted to regain control.
  • DEMENTIA: Regular phones can make up for memory loss. Videophone improves cognitive ability in 6 weeks!
  • PERSONALIZED: Konnekt sets up and tests call buttons, contacts, volume… everything.
  • REMOTE SETTINGS: Konnekt can make changes, without any visits. Louder? More contacts? Just ask us.
  • FAMILY: Konnekt helps get ‘contacts’ going with video calls. Even your overseas Aunt who can barely SMS.
  • LOVE: Videophone lets you be the best son/daughter or care-giver. See them MUCH more often but still have a life.
  • I.T. SUPPORT: We keep Videophone running exceptionally well. Even if your Internet or your overseas family’s Wi-Fi is the problem. It’s like having a lifetime home handyman, with a Santa Claus flying sled.

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