ATSA 2018

ATSA 2018

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The ATSA 2018 Independent Living Expo is Australia’s premier conference / show for Assistive Technologies. Participants include Occupational Therapists and other Allied Health, Aged Care and Disability professionals from around the globe. ATSA is also attended by the elderly, those with an impairment and their families.

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Learn about new assistive technologies for the Socially Isolated

The elderly and disabled are socially isolated. 41-46% are depressed. Half are unsatisfied with family communications.

Face-to-face contact – 3 times per week, with family and friends – can reduce isolation, halving depression risk and mitigating poor sleep, blood pressure and functional decline. Social relationships encourage healthy habits, diet, exercise and medication compliance.

Even though 82% desire video communications, the digital revolution has left most older people behind – particularly those with poor sight, hearing or dexterity.

Attend Konnekt’s presentation at ATSA Melbourne to help your clients who are at risk of Social Isolation, loneliness or depression:

On Thursday 17th at 9:15am, we’ll review the latest social tools and technologies. We compare available products and services, and offer guidance for recommending a needs-based solution — John Nakulski, Konnekt

Try Videophone for free

The Konnekt Videophone was recognized at ITAC Conference as the Best Consumer Product in Aged Care.

  • World’s simplest video phone: One touch to call or answer
  • Reduces social isolation and mitigates associated health risks such as blood pressure, poor sleep, reducing functionality, depression and morbidity
  • Auto-answer enables family and care-givers to check-in, visually, when they cannot answer

Visit Konnekt at table 20 to try the world’s simplest Videophone, and enter our competition for your clients or your own elderly Mum or Dad.

ATSA Sydney – Thanks

The Konnekt stand at last year’s show was so popular, we ran out of “learn more” forms. Hundreds of Occupational Therapists and others saw Videophone’s debut, and witnessed elderly and disabled users smile broadly when they realized how simple it was to call family and friends, FACE-TO-FACE, using the large touch-screen.

If you visited our stand but didn’t win a prize, please look for us at ATSA 2018 or watch our videos to see how Konnekt can help your clients or your family.

When to recommend Videophone

Health professionals look for any of these triggers when deciding to recommend Videophone for a client:

  • At risk of Social Isolation or loneliness (family members visit only a few times a week)
  • Struggles to use a tablet for video calling
  • Struggles to use even a telephone for regular calls
  • Wears gloves, has a prosthetic or bandaged hands (needs a resistive touchscreen)
  • Family or care-giver worries when they don’t or can’t answer calls

 ATSA 2018, Assistive Technology and Health Research

Dr Alan Teo, leading mental health authority and researcher, had this to say when asked about Konnekt Videophone:

For older adults the probability of developing symptoms of depression steadily increases as the frequency of in-person social contact decreases. Our research showed that such an effect did not exist for phone, written, or email contact. What does this mean? Social isolation is bad for your mental health, and regular face-to-face social interactions are likely a great way to help prevent depression — Prof Alan Teo, M.D., M.S., Assistant Professor of Psychiatry, Oregon Health & Science University
Hear about the latest technologies at ATSA 2018.

Konnekt Videophone Benefits

For your clients or own elderly parent, Videophone can:

  • Reduce social isolation, which is linked to depression, insomnia, hypertension and dementia
  • Increase connection to community
  • Promote independence and self-esteem
  • Help family be better caregivers

30-Day Trial

Try Videophone for 30 days for your client or elderly parent. No setup or computer knowledge required, whatsoever. We do everything! Click to learn more, or contact us to find out how it can make your client or elderly relative feel less lonely and reduce mental health risks.

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